The littlest of details.

 But before long, his hair began to grow back. – Judges 16:22

Delilah succeeded in wearing down Samson’s pride through nagging to the point that he revealed the source of his supernatural strength. She used that information to trick him and overcome him. He became as mere mortal men in strength, was captured, and was forced to hard labor for years at the pleasure of and mockery from the Philistines. As he ground grain on the wheel, his hair returned. When his hair returned, the Lord’s Spirit returned to Samson.

The Bible could have left out verse 22 because of its brevity and almost seemingly not having a purpose or great impact. Ah, but oh how contrary! This verse tells us everything about the coming victory to be brought against the enemy by God through his servant. Yes, Samson was proud and arrogant and had to be humbled because of his self-exaltation, but he was still God’s servant. He backslid and did terrible things, but he would find forgiveness, salvation, and redemption in God once again. My lesson from here is to never give up hope. We all do dumb things that grieve our Father and the Spirit, but there is still hope in Jesus. When we do mess up, he’s there to forgive us and pick us up and use again, as he sees fit. God showed Jeremiah the potter and the marred clay and send word through him to Israel that even though the clay may not function as originally intended, God can still reshape it to use it as he sees fit. Let God do that for you today. It’s not too late to be a good and faithful servant of God.

Father, Samson rebelled against you time and again; however, you never abandoned him or left him completely. You were there the whole time just waiting for him to repent and come back to you. When he started growing hair again, you returned to him because of your faithfulness to keep your word. Samson had still not repented, as far as what the written record states, but he did ask for your mercy in his last triumph over the enemy even at his own peril. Thank you for loving us even when we stray away. There have been long stretches of time where I strayed from you and didn’t even really know you existed in my heart. However, I am ever grateful that even in my worst hour, you came and rescued me from the enemy. When my “spiritual hair” began to regrow (if you will), you picked me up again and reshaped me into another vessel as useful as the first design. I am humbled by your grace and mercy. Thanks for loving me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.