How firm are “you” standing?

So, if you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don’t fall! – 1 Corinthians 10:12

Paul warned the Corinthians that those who think they are standing firm in their own power need to be careful that they don’t fall into temptation. He gave specific examples from ancient Jewish history, particularly those of the Exodus, of how people stood firm in their own eyes but fell into sin.

My flesh-and-blood brother told me years ago that what we think is our greatest asset is usually our greatest weakness, which the enemy will use to bring us down. He was so right! What do you consider your greatest strength? Are you standing firm in that area now because of your power or because of God’s Spirit? This reason is why we fall when standing tough in our strength. We tend to become lax in thinking and forget the words of the prophet, “It’s not by might nor by power but by [MY] Spirit saith the Lord of hosts.” We can do nothing in and of ourselves, for it’s with God that all things are possible. Remember that standing firm in your power and thinking translates into pride and arrogance, which causes destruction and….what did Paul say….a fall?!? Yup, that’s right, a fall.

Father, most gracious King of the universe, you who commands us to love him with all our hearts and soul and to love our neighbors as ourselves, may your name be proclaimed across the globe. I petition you today to give me strength in all areas that I lack and to sustain me in all areas where it would appear that I have stood firm. I know in my heart that I weak and lowly, and desire to be meek and lowly instead. As I humble myself before you, please remind me who it is that builds me up and strengthens me, YOU! Without you, I am nothing! Thank you for loving me and sustaining me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.