Being like everyone else…

We want to be like the nations around us. – 1 Samuel 8:20a

As Samuel grew older, he appointed his sons as judges over Israel much like himself. His sons, however, were greedy men and didn’t care for the things of God like Samuel did. The people came to him and complained about how his sons treated the people along with their greed. Israel grew tired of being ruled by these judges and wanted a king instead. They wanted to have a king rule over them like all the nations surrounding Israel. The people chose to reject God as their King and have a man rule over them instead.

Why do we, as a people – Americans, want to be like the rest of the world? We have enjoyed greater wealth and physical prosperity than any other nation in the history of the word! God founded this nation on his standards through the God-fearing men he chose to be our founding fathers; however, we’ve strayed far from those humble, Godly beginnings. We have become much like ancient Israel in the days of the judges. We no longer want Godly men leading us and having God as our ultimate leader. No, we want to promote ourselves as god and do what we think is right. The Bible warns against such arrogance and says that arrogance/pride lead to destruction and falls and that there is a way that seems right in people’s hearts but leads to death. Without God leading our nation, we will go the way of ancient Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece, and Rome. These heathen nations never subscribed to Godly principles and faced their downfall accordingly. The USA started out walking humbly before God but has turned against him with a vengeance. Now, we will see the fate that awaits our nation. If you think it can’t happen to us, then go ask the Soviets about their plight. Ask Europeans how great the EU is doing since they turned away from God and started living a self-centered lifestyle. The nation that rebels against (or forgets) the LORD will see destruction.

Father, I know, just based on your word and the current social and moral status of my people, that certain destruction looms on the horizon. It doesn’t take a prophet of God to see this truth unfold. How my heart fills with angst over the thought of my people suffering and dying because of their pride and arrogance. I ask humbly, dear Lord, that you keep your promise to provide for your people, who seek first your kingdom and your righteousness. May your wings shelter those who make their dwelling in your shadow. May no weapon formed against us prosper. May nothing come near our homes. I love you, Dad. May your will be done and not ours. In Jesus’ name, Amen.