When God doesn’t answer.

He asked the LORD what he should do, but the LORD refused to answer him, either by dreams or by sacred lots or by the prophets. – 1 Samuel 28:6

Saul had come to the end of his reign. He’d grown older and had been abandoned by the God of Israel for his disobedience in not destroying the Amalekites. Thus, when Saul attempted to pray to God, there was no answer. Then Saul took matters into his hands and summoned a witch to conjure up Samuel from the grave to find out what God would do. The answer was still silence from God and with a word of Saul’s imminent death.

Have you ever been in a situation where you cried out to God for help but felt like your prayers were bouncing off the ceiling and ricocheting back at you? Well, I am sure we all have at one time or another. Saul’s problem wasn’t that God didn’t hear his prayers, but he chose not to answer them. Why? Saul’s heart was full of evil and rebellion towards God. Saul did what he wanted instead of obeying God’s command. When we choose to walk in sin, we will also experience silence from God. He doesn’t abandon or leave us; he simply just doens’t answer, until we repent and turn our hearts back to him. Saul refused even up to his death to submit to God; he chose rather to rebel. Remember this: God answers all your prayers in one of three ways – no, yes, or not right now. It’s the not right now that caused the heart to stir because we feel like God doesn’t hear us. Oh he does! There are some times he chooses not to respond. That is when we need to check our hearts and lives and see if there is something amiss. Is there sin in our lives creating a temporary barrier to our prayers? Let God’s Spirit search you out and convict if necessary. Don’t be like Saul and continue in rebellion to the point where you leave God.

Father, search my heart o God and show me where there be anything that hinders my prayers to you. If there is any unclean thing within me, please show me that I may repent and yield it to you. There have been times where I’ve wondered if you’ve heard me at all, but most of those times there was something amiss. It also doesn’t do any good to stifle my prayers by not spending time with you. I know and understand that the key to intimacy with you is spending private time with you. Help me to reestablish the prayer life I had once before.  I need a booster shot from your Spirit. In Jesus’ name, Amen.