We can have the victory!

The Lord gave David victory wherever he went. – 2 Samuel 8:14b

Observation:We are given a short account of the victories David had over the nations surrounding Israel. The LORD gave him victory over all the enemies of Israel. He never suffered defeat while campaigning. The LORD gave Israel rest on all sides and subdued her enemies through his servant David. The Bible says he won and had victory wherever he went.

Christians, it is high time that we stop living the defeated life! God is our victor! He has already won the war through his Son Jesus and merely expects us to trust him to see us through the skirmishes and battles of life. The battle ground we trod, called life, will have its small battles and with some that may seem humongous in magnitude but really are tiny in the eyes of God. The Bible promises us that God will carry us through the waters and fiery trials of life. Are we willing to let go and let God have his way? David did. The Bible tells us that David did what was right and just in the eyes of God. He obeyed the Spirit of God and knew how to talk to God. The result of such actions was his having victory over his nation’s enemies. In our lives, we don’t wrestle against people but spiritual wickedness and evil. The real battle ground for us is the 6 to 8 inches between our ears – the mind! If we lose the battle there, we’ve lost it all. However, we can renew our minds daily by spending time with God and his word. Turn the battle over to God and see him give you the victory you seek! He’s already defeated our enemy! So why live in defeat?

Father, I am tired of being tossed around like a rag doll at the hands of satan and his minions and even the people he employs against me, including me at times! I know in my  head that you’ve won the war and won’t allow the battles to overwhelm me, but why do I live as though I am defeated? I don’t see successes according to your standard in my life like I should. Thus, I come to you and ask that you search me out and show me, please, all that is in me that hinders my forward progression and causes me to cave in to defeat. You have told me that I am a valiant warrior like Gideon, so please help me to become that valiant warrior but one with a heart of love and peace. Thank you, kind Sir. In Jesus’ name, Amen.