Beware of a pretty face and slick tongue.

 Absalom behaved in this way toward all the Israelites who came to the king asking for justice, and so he stole the hearts of the people of Israel. – 2 Samuel 15:6

Absalom had killed his brother Amnon for raping their sister Tamar. Eventually Absalom fled the country and lived in exile for years. His father was convinced to allow him to return to Israel and live there, yet with time, the prince began to win over the people and their hearts because of the way he handled their affairs in pursuit of justice. He was a handsome man from head to toe and could woo the people with his speech. As time went on, Absalom plotted a coup de tat against his father to usurp control of Israel and make himself king. His plan was eventually foiled and led to his death

The prophet Isaiah told us long before Jesus came that Jesus would be an ordinary looking man with nothing about him physically that would cause us to desire him as leader or otherwise. Jesus took on the appearance of the common man to prevent the very thing that happened with Absalom. Many times throughout history God has used the mundane, ordinary things, even foolish things by world standards, to accomplish his will in the earth.

A pretty face and slick tongue is the epitome of Lucifer, the morning star, the angel of light and music, the deceiver, the beautiful one. The devil uses his attractiveness to lure people into his pits and then enslave them through sin to an eternal life of torment. Jesus, however while living on earth, used his loyalty to and trust in God to win the hearts of the people. Jesus walked in the power of God’s Spirit to do the miracles he did. Satan on the other hand used, and still uses, his God-given powers to lie and deceive people through vanity and appealing to their pride, the very things that caused Lucifer to fall and become the devil/satan.

There are many beautiful people, physically, that God creates; yet don’t let their appearance and flattery trip you up and cause you to fall into sin. Beware of the snake in the grass that speaks with a forked tongue. Trust in God and listen to the Holy Spirit. The truth is that all people are beautiful because they are created in the likeness and image of God whether or not they are “pretty” or “handsome” or “speak eloquently” by the world’s standard. Guard yourself against those who promise the world and have nothing to back up their claims. Only Jesus can offer the world to anyone because he owns it and the fullness thereof. Sure, the devil has a lease on the earth because of Adam, but he can’t give it away permanently. He can only sublet his doomed fate for a small span of sinful pleasure. Is that “good time” of sin for a season worth your soul being tormented forever?

Father, I’m not an ugly man or the most eloquent of speakers, but nor am I extremely desirable by the world’s standards. I thank you that I am just an ordinary person gifted in certain areas to do your will. I can do nothing in myself. I have to trust in you and rely on your Spirit for everything I need. I have been fooled by the sweet-talking tongue and wooing lips of a woman in the past. I have been tricked by the slick talking, cool guy who promised to befriend me only to take me for a ride on the train to nowhere and hang me out to dry. I pray that I never behave in such a way that people think of me as a slick-talking, smooth operator. I want to be honest and open to all people everywhere. Help me to be more like Jesus in all I say and think and do. In Jesus’ name, Amen.