God hears me and answers, especially when distressed.

But in my distress I cried out to the LORD; yes, I cried to my God for help. He heard me form his sanctuary; my cry reached his ears. – 2 Samuel 22:7

David had been chased by his enemies throughout most of his adult life. Saul hunted him down like a dog. Others tried to overthrow him, including his own son. When the LORD had delivered him from all his enemies, David took the time to praise and honor the LORD for his saving grace. He knew how to express his gratitude to God for rescuing him and saving him from utter and seemingly certain destruction.

Today speaks to me like a blast of the shofar from the temple mount of Jerusalem in the days of the Judean kings! It rings within my ears and travels down into my heart like a flood running over the banks of a river. I have been struggling with enemies in my life! Not people or things but from the spiritual realm to include my own spirit and soul. I have been distressed over many a great thing that I need and must turn over to God.

David’s psalm urges me to cry out to God my Savior and trust in him to rescue me from things that no one else can. For days I have felt like that my prayers have just reverberated within the confines of my home and the space of my skull. However, the words of David had incited me to raise my voice in praise and thanks to the LORD of all the earth and know that he DOES hear my prayers, not just my pleas for help.

He loves me and cares for me much more than I can or do for him. His servant Peter told me to THROW DOWN my cares to him because he cares for me. I guess I had not really taken to heart how much my God does love me, despite his dying for me and rising from the dead to give me eternal life! How foolish of me to think that God would not hear me. I had done things to grieve his Spirit and bring troubles upon myself. On the other hand, Jesus reminds me that ALL things are possible with God! I have to reach down within me and lean on the words of Zechariah, who said that it’s not by my power or strength but by the Spirit of God!

Father, I cry out to you today to rescue me from myself! I cry out like Peter, “Hosanna” when he began to sink in the water. Reach out your hand to me and grab hold of me, please. Hold me in those strong, eternal hands with the power of your outstretched arm. I need you, Daddy! I love you and am completely sorry for ever doubting you to be able to do anything in my life. You are my Rock and my Salvation! Without you, there is nothing. Without you, I am nothing. I lean on you today for my joy and my strength. In Jesus’ name, Amen.