How unwise to go against God’s word.

Solomon made an alliance with Pharaoh, the king of Egypt, and married one of his daughters. He brought her to live in the City of David until he could finish building his palace and the Temple of the LORD and the wall that surrounded the city. – 1 Kings 3:1

The verse above explains well enough what transpired in the passage. Then the passage goes on to speak of how God asked Solomon what he wanted and gave him great wisdom, the object of his reply.

Solomon made two “unwise” decisions prior to being given great wisdom from God: he made a pact with the enemy and married his daughter, which was forbidden by the Mosaic Law because it turned the hearts of God’s people toward other idols. These typical “unwise” decisions would continue to be the pattern that Solomon followed despite his great gift of wisdom. He allowed ungodly women to lure him away from the one true living God.

The caveat for us is to learn from his mistakes. God warned Israel of the danger of flirting with disaster and sleeping with the enemy, but they never learned that lesson. You and I, however, can do so and avoid a great many heartache and disappointment in life. The devil wants nothing more than for you to bow down before him and serve him as god, yet Jesus conquered him to allow your reunification with the God of the universe, YHWH.

When we rebel against God’s standard, we will pay a price. Sure, God can and will forgive the sin when asked, but he still allows the consequence of the action to continue because we initiated it. Let us not be fooled about treasuring the things of this world. John and James remind us in their works in the NT that being a friend of the world or loving the things of this world make us an enemy of God. This is not a “wise” decision. Solomon knew the Law and would later learn of God’s instructions to follow his ways, but he rebelled against God and paid for it later in life. Will you be like the “wisest” man on earth and go the way of the sinner? Or, will you be like Jesus, submitting yourself to God and obeying him out of your love for him, and have eternal life? The choice is yours to make.

Father, I have made many unwise decisions in my day that that have not only grieved your Spirit but led to many a troubled night in my life. You’ve been so gracious to love and forgive me of those things, for which I’m ever grateful. I ask you to give me Your wisdom to make the right choices and to do the things you’ve said and not mine. I don’t want to live life in rebellion toward you; you’re the one who gave me life! Help me to open my blind eyes and see the destructive things in life I’m doing that are counterproductive. I need you more than anyone or anything. I love you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.