Are you a trustworthy steward?

No accounting of this money was required from the construction supervisors, because they were honest and trustworthy men. – 2 Kings 12:15

Joash ascended the throne of Judah after the death of his mother Athaliah. He ruled for many years, but in the 23rd year of his reign the work on the Temple he ordered had not been done. He addressed the priests and told them to take the money collected for offerings and give it to the construction workers repairing the Temple for resources and services rendered. The Bible tells us that the construction supervisors were not required to give an accounting for the money used because they were trustworthy men.

Are you or I trustworthy enough to be placed in  charge of the things of God, which he’s placed in our lives? He entrusts us with resources, which he expects us to use to further his kingdom on this earth. Money, things, and even people are placed in our care to do what God has assigned us. However, are we using those resources for personal gain or for God’s purposes? He did tell us that if we are faithful over the small things, he’d put us in charge of even greater things like ruling over many in the future. Does God have your trust? Are you a faithful steward of what God’s given you? May we be as trustworthy as the construction supervisors that Joash hired to repair the temple.

Father, those men must have had some reputation to be entrusted with the gold and silver coin that came into the temple. Your servant Joash didn’t even bother to require them to keep a ledger of where the money went or was spent. He knew that they could be trusted to do the right thing and get the job done, as assigned. Their example inspires me to be a better steward with the resources to which you’ve entrusted me. I give with a willing heart and support those that don’t have. May you think of me as being trustworthy of your kingdom resources, as Joash did with servants who repaired the temple. I want to please you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.