Are there idols still hanging around in your life?

Jotham did what was pleasing in the Lord’s sight. He did everything his father, Uzziah, had done. But he did not destroy the pagan shrines, and the people still offered sacrifices and burned incense there. – 2 Kings 15:34-35

We read of Jotham’s ascension to the Judean throne following the death of his father King Uzziah. The Bible tells us that both Uzziah and Jotham did what pleased the LORD but failed to remove the pagan shrines and idolatry from the land. They served the LORD but allowed the people to stray from God.

We had best be sure that we are not allowing sin to hang around although we may be serving God. Jesus was called a friend of sinners, but he didn’t engage in their lifestyle or evil practices. He associated with them for the purpose of seeing them saved from their wrongs. Again and again the NT tells us not to be friends with the world because doing so makes us enemies of God. Anyone who befriends the world system alienates self from God and opens the door to demonic interference in one’s life. We should be doing what is pleasing the Lord’s sight, but we had also better make sure that we have torn down any idols in our lives. We should not allow even a remnant of former things to remain. Remember this, a dandelion cut off at the head will grow again. The root of the weed must be removed in order to banish it for good.

Father, what if any roots of evil remain within me? Have I allowed the past ways of sin to remain and try to regain a foothold on and within me? I pray not. I turn my heart and life over to you completely. I ask that you would empower me by the Spirit of the living God to destroy any and all idols that may be existent in my life. I will tear them down and destroy them for good at your command and by your power. For I know that my spirit is willing but flesh weak. Thus, only you can save me from this mess. I yield to you great One. I love you and need you above all others. In Jesus’ name, Amen.