I will sing to the Lord!

I will sing to the Lord because he is good to me. – Psalm 13:6

David wrote this short piece with God in mind. He spoke of the those who oppressed him and tried to hurt him. His spirit was down and may have even been depressed. The words of the psalm indicated such a horrific state of being; but he saw through to the end that God loved him and would save him from his enemies. Thus, the author stated that he would sing to the Lord because he was good to him.

Just as God was good to David, he has been even better to us. Why? Because he gave us the gift of eternal life through his Son, Jesus. David also came to know the grace of Jesus, but he had to wait a long time to encounter it. We were given that amazing grace the moment we believed in our hearts that God raised Jesus from the dead and confessed that Jesus IS Lord! For this reason alone, being saved/converted from sinner to child of God, is more than enough reason for any person to sing to the LORD! If the Lord has saved you, will you join me today in singing a new song to the LORD and giving him praise and thanks for being so good to us? Warm up the pipes and let the anthems ring out! Give praise to the Lord on high! He deserves our praises and will dwell in them!

Father, today’s prayer is more of a praise! I will sing to you a new song from my heart. I know beyond any doubt that you are more than good to me. You saved me from a demon’s hell. You gave me eternal life. You blessed me. You forgave me. You loved me. You redeemed me. You healed me. You comforted me. You counseled me. You provided for me. You favored me. You taught me. You corrected me. You chastised me. You cared for me. You did for me what no one else could. Therefore, I will sing of your great power and glory and tell it to the world. May your name be known among the nations and be lifted up to draw all people unto you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.