A word to Pres Obama and the rest of us.

The best-equipped army cannot save a king, nor is great strength enough to save a warrior.Don’t count on your warhorse to give you victory— for all its strength, it cannot save you. – Psalm 33:16-17

In this psalm, the author tells us that the might of an army is not enough to save a nation. It implies that there is no salvation for the individual that tries to save oneself. Thus according to the psalmist there can be only one source of salvation; he is Jehovah! We are not to rely on personal strength because it cannot save us.

On a personal note, I cannot save myself, for even Jesus said that with man salvation is impossible, but with God all things are possible. It’s truly amazing the efforts that people will take to save themselves. They try in vain to do all they can to make it to heaven and have eternal life. They try to earn it through good deeds, they try to buy it, or they try to show others they merit it some way, some how. Again, the simple truth is that there is nothing we can do to save ourselves. We have to believe that God raised Jesus from the dead and confess with our mouths that Jesus is LORD!

Now when it comes to a nation being saved, the same logic applies. The psalmist reminds us clearly that no amount of weaponry, no matter how strong or good it is, will not save a nation. Another psalmist wrote of how good it is for a nation whose God is the LORD and whom he has chosen as his inheritance. Israel is that chosen inheritance, but through Jesus God made a way for non-Jews to be adopted into his family of believers. For being Jewish doesn’t guarantee a spot into the royal family. It is only through a relationship with Jesus. No nation can save itself through military strength. It is the LORD who decides what country stands and which falls.

Thus, Mr. Obama, I implore you to reconsider your approach to world politics and domestic affairs. You arm rebels who serve Allah not Jehovah yet take away arms from your own people. You hunt down citizens of your own country and murder them in cold blood through rockets and drones without trial or evidence. You bow your knee to some other god that is not God. You, sir, are heading this country down the path of destruction that all empires of the past have taken. The LORD says to you today that you have an opportunity to stop the madness and see the glory of the LORD shine across this once great nation one last time for an extended period. However, if you as leader of this nation do not repent of your ways and turn to the GOD of heaven and not your false god, then America will die a slow, agonizing death politically, economically, and militarily. You, sir, will be solely responsible for America’s last great stand or demise.

Your initiation of health care reform has been the death knell for this nation. You’ve sidestepped our foundational laws and made a way for you to usurp power and concentrate into the hands of a few or one, yourself. You are destroying this great nation. I implore you to stop the madness and admit the error of your ways. Repent before GOD and man and take this nation on a different course to revival not death. As of now, your legacy will be the death and destruction of America and the birth of AMERIKA as you socialists desire. Military might will not save this nation, only God can. Trust in him and not the rockets or bullets. God have mercy on your soul.

Father, I cannot save myself. This nation cannot save itself. I ask you to extend grace and mercy to this land. Our leaders are all corrupt. They have abandoned you and taken on the ways of the world and thrown any allegiance to you out the window. Please forgive them for they know not what they do. They are your servants to lead this nation and guard it, but they have turned their backs on you. Please let us have one more great awakening in this land that will see a revival of epic proportions and the coming of thousands upon thousands of sould into your kingdom. I thank you and love you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.