Benefits of a new song.

He has given me a new song to sing, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see what he has done and be amazed. They will put their trust in the Lord. – Psalm 40:3

David was down and in despair because of the things he’d done. His soul was vexed one might say, so he turned his attention to the LORD. He knew the LORD was the only one who could deliver him from his physical enemies as well as the anguish he suffered because of his mistakes. Thus, the psalmist began to declare the goodness of God in song and praise; he acknowledged his love for the LORD. In his declarations, he noted that God put a new song in his heart, and that many would see what God had done and be amazed, enough so that they would put their trust in him.

It’s been a short while since there was a “new” song in my heart. I love my God and praise him and share his greatness, but the new song has been elusive for a short bit. Then after reading David’s account in Psalm 40, I realized that God can put a new song in my heart as well. David was not the only to whom the Spirit of God spoke. I hear him speaking to me from the words of our long departed brother and stirring up a new song in me. Therefore, I will praise the God of heaven and earth, the Creator of all things, with a new song from the very core of my being birthed in inspiration from God the Holy Spirit, himself! Now, as that new song bursts forth from within me to give honor and praise to the One to whom it belongs, Jehovah, let all see the transformation in my heart and the resultant joy that ensues. Then may the world around me see what God has done to change me from within, and as it radiates outwardly, they may be amazed at the change in me and begin to trust in the LORD, as David did and I do.

Father, oh may the joy of my God burst forth from within and to this tired, withered face bring a grin. Where I once was lost but now in you am so found, no longer will me face fall upon the ground. As David from the muck and mire I do you raise, do set my feet on the solid Rock to give you praise. Let the joy of the LORD within me swell, this God-created temple wherein you dwell. Arise, arise oh song of love, ascend into the heavens to the One who appears like a dove! May the love of my soul grow deeper in You, the one who unites both Gentile and Jew. There is only One who I love and adore, the One who causes me to praise Him more. He creates a new song within, a song of love that causes this withered face to grin! …………………..I love You, Dad! In Jesus’ name, Amen.