How frail, short, and troubled life can be!

How frail is humanity! How short is life, how full of trouble! – Job 14:1

Job speaks with his “friends” about the overbearing burden through which he suffers! He demands an audience with God in order to plead his case before the Almighty and learn why he suffers at the hand of God, so he thinks. Job airs his personal feelings on the matter and tells his companions that he know how crazy the situation is. He doesn’t need them berating him and trying to comfort him through their degrading comments. He becomes only more frustrated with their “counsel.”

We are all familiar with the pains of life and the craziness that is life! I admire Job for having the audacity to confront his friends and to want to have an audience with God to present his case before the Creator of the universe. He never blames God for the predicaments into which he finds himself, but he desires to know why these things happen to him! Have you ever blamed God for something? Have you ever wanted to ask God why things go the way they do? Well, you would not be alone in that ship. I would venture to say that most if not all people have at one time or another at least contemplated this idea.

We know from reading the psalms that many a writer, including King David, asked God hard questions and even demanded an answer. Now, that is not necessarily the right approach to the situation, but nonetheless, these great men of God did exhibit their true feelings and frustrations with the situations that surrounded them.

Job points out an obvious thing in that life is short and that humanity is frail. He further notes that life is full of trouble. Well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know or figure that one out; however,  on the other hand, many people act as though this idea were fresh out of the box! We go through life miserable and exhausted because we attempt to control every facet of our lives when, in fact, there are things that only God can know and control for certain. For example, Jesus tells us that man cannot add on hair to his head or one year to his life. He continues by stating that man cannot save himself, but with God all things are possible. The Master says elsewhere that the Day of the Lord is known by no one except the Father, not even Jesus or the angels know when the day and hour of his return will occur.

Thus, we need to have a fresh perspective on life despite the obviousness of Job’s observations. Though life is frail, short, and troubled, we don’t have to see life that way or live our lives in that context. Jesus tells us that we can have life and have it to the fullest because he gives us his joy that our joy may complete. The problem, in my experience, is that too many people try to control their lives rather than fully trust in God to lead them and guide them through the perils of life. Those who have learned the value of full surrender to God know the comfort that exists in his provision and care. Oh that we all could and would learn this most valuable of lessons! (Myself included.)

Father, Lord God of the universe, Creator of all that is, was and will be, may your grace and peace fill my life. May you find pleasure in me. I admit my fault of doubting from time to time in your provision and care. My heart has been toiling through simple, mundane circumstances that I have allowed to transform themselves from mole hills into mountains. And yet you tell me that IF I have faith in you equating to the size of a mustard seed, I can speak to mountains and tell them to be cast into the sea, to which they will go. Why then, Lord, have my mountains become bigger than life and made my life seem so frail and troubled? Is it because I have chosen pride and arrogance over your love and mercy? Has my heart become a tad jaded and needs to be pulverized under the stone of offense? Shall I submit myself once more under your mighty hand and cast all my cares onto you because you care for me? Of course! You truly are the only answer for all the questions that bombard my mind and vex my soul. How I long to have a private audience with you and to hear that still small voice of yours echo through my spirit and into my soul! Woo me and call me to your side. Love me as you did at the first and help me to rekindle the passion I had for you in the beginning. First love, be my only love. I desire you above all others!! I yield my life to you and seek your compassion. It must be as you desire and not as I do. I am yours, and you are mine. I cherish you. May all this be so in Jesus’ name, Amen.