Seeing all we do.

Doesn’t he see everything I do and every step I take? – Job 31:4

Job in his rebuttal speech to his friends asks the question, “What has God above chosen for us? What is our inheritance from the Almighty on high?” He knows that God knows and sees all that we do. There is no hiding from God. Job says in this in defense of his innocence before God because he knows that he’s done no wrong before God. However, he still wants an audience with the Almighty because he doesn’t understand why these calamities have happened to him. He has no foreknowledge that satan has done this to him, not God.

Have you ever wondered why bad things have happened to you or to a “good” person while evil people seem to get away with all sorts of wrongs? I have; however, there have been times that I did things that I thought no one saw me do them. I’d thought that I’d gotten away with something only to be reminded of it later by God the Holy Spirit. He would convict me of my wrong and woo me to repentance. I didn’t have a leg to stand on like Job. I knew I had done wrong and had no apology for my actions. The best I could’ve done was repent, ask God for forgiveness, and strive to not repeat the sin(s) I’d committed.

I used to ask myself Job’s fated question above at different times in my life. “Does God really see everything I do and the steps I take?” would be the thought. Then, I would be reminded of verses from Scripture like, “His eyes roam the earth,” or “he causes the rain to fall on the just and the unjust.” These verses and others confirmed within me that our omniscient God does see and know all we say and do. It is like David said that if I were to make my bed in the pits of hell or in the highest reaches of the heavens, God is there with me. David also said that he formed me in my mother’s womb. Jeremiah said that God knows the plans he has for each of us. How then can we question in our hearts whether or not God knows all and sees all?  How foolish we can be.

So, the next time you’re alone and thinking no one sees what you’re doing, remember that the all-seeing, ever watchful eye of our Father catches all you do. You won’t escape from him. There is nowhere you can hide from him. Don’t be afraid of our God; run to him. Fall on your face before him, cry out to him for salvation, and then crawl up into arms and allow him to love you like no one else can! There is peace and joy in those omnipotent arms!! He loved you enough to pay your debt for sinning, but he also loves you enough to forgive you of sins you commit today or may commit tomorrow. He did so in one gruesome moment upon the cross and rose again from the dead to prove that he could. Let him love you and set you free.You don’t have to hide from God because you may have messed up.

Father, you who sit enthroned between the cherubim and are worshiped by the hosts of heaven, may your name be praised from one of end of the universe to the other! Your fame and love are without measure. You created us for your good pleasure. May you be loved by all who will respond to your call. Today, I lay down before you all that I am and all who I am. I fully know and understand that there is nothing that I think, say, or do that escapes your sight. You know all these things before I even do them, so it is pure folly for me to think that I could hide anything from you. Help me to remember that your eyes never slumber. Doing so will help me to become a man of great integrity, as was Job. He made a covenant with his eyes to guard them against alluring things that could distract his attention away from you. May I make that same covenant with mine with the intent of doing so out of my love for you and my desire to trust in you by faith. You are my source. No other can do for me what you do. I love you, DAD! Thank you for everything!! In Jesus’ name, Amen.