How to be wise.

Scripture:Listen to my instruction and be wise. Don’t ignore it. – Proverbs 8:33

The author of this proverb writes about the history of the wisdom and how God created wisdom before the foundations of the earth. We even learn that wisdom is the architect that helped God form the earth. As the piece continues, we read of the benefits of listening to wisdom. She informs us that if we listen to her instruction, we can be wise. If we ignore her teachings, we are doomed to reap the consequences of folly.

Let me start off by saying that as I grew up, people thought of me as the proverbial “know-it-all.” Well, I have to admit that they were right. I grew up not being liked by many of my schoolmates because I was a tad different in my approach to life. I didn’t run after all the foolishness of other kids, especially during my teenage years. I was not one to drink, smoke, fool around, or partake in other illicit acts. I usually walked the narrow road, at least during those early years. Because I chose to take a stand to do the right thing as a kid, I never had many friends. This situation drove me to find other avenues of fulfillment in life, such as being smart. I realized early on that I had a penchant for knowledge and the retention thereof. I began using my terrific memory to excel beyond that of others my age with whom I went to school and/or church. Where there had been a void in friends, I now had people hanging with me because of my brains.

As time passed through the years, I went from being the kid on the outside looking in to the kid that chased people outside and caused them to look in like I had. I became the very type of person I had avoided. I hadn’t realized the transformation until long after I had hurt many people I cared about through the years. There were good friends, old girlfriends, and even family that I had hurt because of my lack of wisdom and understanding. I had found the worth of knowledge, but I used knowledge to hurt rather than help. One might say that I had tip-toed around and danced with folly at times. My life began to be void of love and joy and peace. It seemed like no one wanted to even be around me. The ones I loved tried to avoid me at all costs. They would put up with only because they cared more me than I did them. I didn’t even have a clue that I had hurt so many people close to me. I drove people out of my life that loved me.

To sum it all up, let me say this. I had ignored the words of wisdom and clung to folly. Instead of traveling down the path of life, I ran along the road to death. People who are full of venom and vitriol don’t attract people to their side but chase them away. Let’s face it. Who wants to be friends with a rattlesnake?!? You never know when they are crouching waiting to strike. And when they do, look out! The lingering effects of the venom are far worse than the bite! So please learn a lesson from my mistakes and heed the instructions of wisdom. You will be wise if you do. Fail to do so, and you suffer the perils of your own doing.

Father, Lord of lords who sits enthroned among the cherubim, please show your favor upon me and teach me the ways of wisdom. Your servant, the apostle James, told us that if we lack wisdom that we should ask you for it. Then, you will give it to us liberally! Well, Dad, here I am devoid of wisdom and understanding, or at least  lacking more than I should. Help me to make wisdom and understanding members of my family. I want to make wise choices and live a life filled with love, joy, and peace, as you have designed it to be. I have a huge transition facing me in the near future, and I need your guidance on the matter. Please show the path to follow. I trust in you to lead me and guide me into all Truth. Thank you. I love you! In Jesus’ name, Amen.