Words falling on deaf ears and blind eyes!

You see and recognize what is right  but refuse to act on it. You hear with your ears, but you don’t really listen. – Isaiah 42:20

Isaiah reports the words of God to the people of the kingdom of Judah/Israel. The people of Judah had long ago begun to abandon the God of their fathers and to worship idols. The people knew to do right according to the Law of Moses and the prophets but continued to refuse to listen to God’s word and warnings. Eventually they would be sent into exile as were the people of Israel in the north

There really has been a great change among the people of God since the days of old. People appear to love God but really have have become more fans of Jesus rather than selling out to him. Isaiah would state elsewhere that God said the people honored him with their lips, but their hearts were far from him. Even today people know to do the right thing but would rather do things their way instead of listening to God. What in our lives do we hold onto and allow ourselves to be chained to and enslaved rather than allowing God’s love to set us free? Is it or are those things that ensnare us more important or enticing than the love of God?!? We, as the people of God, need to take a long hard look at our hearts and determine for ourselves whether we are truly selling out to Jesus or are just sitting in the stands as a fan of Jesus. Let us make sure that we, too, are not refusing to the right thing when the Lord speaks to us. We can never go wrong by being obedient to God. Remember, he told us that obedience is better even than sacrifice. Now go out there and do the right thing!

Father, thank you for speaking to me today about doing the right thing and not refusing to listen to your word. Your way is the only way! There is no other. I don’t want to be a fan of Jesus but rather a complete sell out. Help to open my ears to your word at all times and not just when it would appear to be convenient. Please never let it be said of me that I refused to heed and act upon the word of God either in my life or for the benefit of others. I do love you, Sir, and want to more of you in my life. I ask you to teach me even greater on how to humble myself in order that I may decrease and that you increase in me. I need your wisdom, grace, and mercy in my life. May your will be done and not mine regardless of all else. In Jesus’ name, Amen.