The crown has fallen.

The crown has fallen from our heads. Woe to us! for we have sinned. This is why our hearts are sick; this is why our eyes grow dim… – Lamentations 5:16-17

Jeremiah laments over the destruction of his homeland, its capital city, and the inhabitants of the nation. The people of Judah and Jerusalem sin to the point that God rejects them and hands them over to their political enemies to be put under the yoke of oppression because they turn their hearts away from the One who loves them and cares for them. They have complete contempt for the God of their fathers and continue to rebel against him and leave him no choice but to carry out his prophecies against them. Thus, they are left in utter ruin to the point of cannibalism and the like.

Oh how the words of the ancient Israeli prophet ring out loud and so clear in the ears of us modern Americans! The crown of the once greatest nation on earth has truly fallen from our heads. And as Jeremiah laments, so do we, “Woe to us!” Why? “For we have sinned.” Thus our hearts, too, are sick causing our eyes to grow dim. We no longer see the devastation that we have perpetrated upon our own people. We murder innocents in the death factories called abortion clinics. We turn out the poor and homeless telling them to fend for themselves. The elderly are treated with contempt and cast aside into assisted-living quarters or nursing homes rather than be taken care of by their families – all in the name of inconvenience. Now, we pass legislation that disguises committees that decide who will deemed worthy to receive medical attention versus those that should be eliminated or better put in the words of Dickens vis-a-vis Scrooge, “better to decrease the surplus population.”

We no longer serve the God of the universe, but we have replaced him with the god of the thought-to-be almighty dollar, gold, silver, and greed. Americans concern themselves more over who wins the “world series” or “Superbowl” rather than reaching out to help individuals in need or the homeless or starving. The command of loving our neighbors as ourselves has been waylaid in the pursuit of sensuality. We get all we can and can all we get. There is no longer true compassion for others. Sure, we give billions of dollars in aid to foreign countries through government entities and charities, but the overall heart condition of America is one of apathy and selfishness. We spit in the face of the Creator, who constituted this nation out of nothingness and blessed her with natural resources and wealth beyond imagination only to have its people lavish it upon themselves and turn a blind eye upon those in need. Why we don’t even care for those around us in need let alone those outside our borders.

Is it any wonder why God has turned his back upon America, as he did Israel so long ago? Can any nation that rebels against the LORD ever expect to survive and thrive? Of course not! The Bible is clear that “Blessed is the nation, whose God is the LORD!” Well, from the current prognosis, America has long removed God from the seat of power in this country and bowed her knees to other gods-that-are-not-God! The day of reckoning is fast approaching. We will answer to the Lord of heaven’s armies! We will soon be turned over into the hands of our enemies and pay a similar reckoning for our national sins, as did Judah and Israel. Be ware!

Father, again and again I sound like the prophets of old trying to reach out to my people through a voice of reason that emanates from your throne and very heart. You have cried aloud time and again to nations throughout the eons of time for them to turn from their wickedness and be saved. Very few have ever done so. And even when nations did repent, they did not stay in that state of repentance for long and reverted back to their rebellious ways. My people have followed the ways of the past and still refuse to bend their knees and soften their hearts before you and turn from their evil. I know that there is hope for us IF we, who are called by your name, will repent and turn from our wickedness and pray, THEN you will hear us from heaven, forgive us our sins, and heal our land. I pray, LORD, before it’s too late that my people will heed your word and repent. I don’t want to live under the tyranny of foreign leaders nor be broken down into humility, but I would rather voluntarily submit myself under your mighty hand be lifted up by you in due time. Lord, help me to walk in your ways and to always have a tender heart that is open to you and your instruction as well as your chastisement. I love you, Dad. May your will be done, not mine. In Jesus’ name, Amen.