Having a heart transplant.

I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. And I will put my Spirit in you and move you to follow [me]… – Ezekiel 36:26-27a

God spoke to the prophet and informed him of the coming future of Israel when they would no longer be a nation known to their God as a stiff-necked and stubborn people but as those with hearts of flesh versus stone. The ancient Jews were ones who refused to trust in their God as a nation. They tested him throughout the exodus from Egypt to the point where wiped out an entire generation of his chosen people! They refused to obey him throughout the coming millennia prior to Jesus’ birth that he exiled both Israel and Judah into foreign lands and destroyed the temple, their object of worship. These people turned against their God and worshiped idols and even practiced human sacrifice. They abandoned their God in favor of their wicked ways. Yet, God told the prophet he would one day give his people a heart of flesh instead of stone and would give them his Spirit and move on them to follow him.

Have you experienced the heart transplant that God promised to mankind? For you see, this heart surgery is not just for the Jews. It is also to the Gentile. It is for those who believe on the Lord Jesus and call on his name. Those who believe God has raised Jesus from the dead and confess with their mouths, “Jesus is Lord,” will be saved. How are they saved? By faith in God through the grace God gives us. You cannot believe these things and have this restored fellowship/relationship with God without having had a heart transplant. Why? Because the heart of mankind is full of vile and evil things. For it is out of the mouth that the heart speaks! The heart of man will cause him to think that there is a way that SEEMS right but in the end leads to destruction. We are not to allow ourselves to be deceived. We must allow God to remove from us our once-hardened hearts of stone and replace them with hearts of flesh that will be and must be sensitive to his Spirit, who leads us into all truth and shows us the path to life everlasting.

Do you possess a heart of stone or a heart of flesh? Have you allowed God to perform surgery on you? He promised that one day he would do so. Well, that day is now, for today is the day of salvation. If you have come to know God and possess a real Father-child relationship with him, then don’t allow your hard to grow callous and cold. Maintain that heart of flesh he has given you. Jesus did say that in the last days many would wax cold in their love for him. Make sure your election is sure. Hold onto the life Jesus gives you through your faith in him. If you don’t have a heart of flesh, then I urge you to heed this call from God to turn your life over to him this very day, this very hour, this very minute, nay this very second. He desires for all people to turn from their wicked ways and live! He wants all people to come to repentance. Will you be one of them? He asks for your heart of stone, so he can give you a heart of flesh.

Father, thank you for removing the cancerous, lifeless, deadly, sinful heart of stone that I possessed from the moment of conception in my mother’s womb and replacing it with a heart of flesh that is prompted by your Spirit to love you and follow you and obey you. Why? Because you love me. You desire me as your child. I wish to express my sincerest gratitude to you for doing this delicate surgery on me in order that I might have life everlasting and that I might have restored fellowship with you as a child of your family. You are so awesome and caring. Thanks again for loving me when no one else would and saving me when no one else could. In Jesus’ name, Amen.