Come oh breath of life!

This is what the Sovereign Lord says: Come, O breath, from the four winds! Breathe into these dead bodies so they may live again. – Ezekiel 37:9b

God took the prophet into a land filled with dried, old bones, which were lifeless. The prophet spoke to the bones, as God commanded, and watched them come to life with flesh and muscle reattached to them. They received life when the breath of life in the wind came into them. God’s Spirit blew life into them, as he did Adam when he was created.

The church is full of people, who are alive on the outside but inwardly are like the dead bones Ezekiel experienced. There is just no life in them at all. They come to church every week and sit in the pew and learn about God and his love and mercy and grace and righteousness, but they leave just as dead as when they came into the building. Jesus even warned us that in the last days the love of many would grow cold because they take umbrage over his real message of life and love. We need for God to stir up the winds of change and breath life into our congregations once more. We need a true revitalization of the cemeteries that are otherwise known as churches. Too many churches are as quiet and dead as the graveyard. Why? Because people really don’t trust in the Lord. They hold onto what their five senses can tell them. They live by their emotions. Oh that the breath of the Spirit of God would blow our way again and raise the dead to live everlasting. How does that happen? By us speaking life to our neighbors and loving them as we love ourselves. What does that accomplish? We will see the dead raised and the oppressed set free!

Father, thank you for giving me life everlasting. Just as you breathed life into Adam, you breathed everlasting life into me at the cross. I had to be open to that life-giving breath and receive it as a gift from Jesus, but I am glad I did. Help me to be a facilitator of giving life to “dead” people by sharing your love with them. Show me how to speak to the dead bones around me and see them rise again and walk after your Spirit and not after the flesh, which leads them to death in the first place. Yes, we were conceived in sin and bound for a demon’s hell, which is the second death, but you made it possible for me to have true life and to have it abundantly! Woo hoo! Thank you. I am delighted that I have the very breath of God coursing through me. I am alive because of you. I love you! In Jesus’ name, Amen.