Is there anything to difficult for God?

Is anything too hard for the Lord? – Genesis 18:14

The LORD appeared to Abraham and his wife Sarah and told them that they would have a child in their old age, 99 and 90 respectively. Abraham believed God, but Sarah laughed within herself wondering how she and her husband were going to enjoy the pleasure of having a child at their ripe old age. Then, the LORD turned and asked Abraham if there was anything too hard for God. He said Sarah would have a child one year later, and she did and named him Isaac, or laughter.

Isn’t it amazing that in the previous devotion we looked at Abram’s faith and how God credited it to him as righteousness for believing that God would cause him to be a father of many nations, including kings? Then, when the time came for the prophecy to become fulfilled, Sarah (once Sarai) laughed at the thought and then had the gall to deny it in front of God! The LORD sort of grimaced (so I would suspect) when she said this remark and retorted with his comment of Is anything too hard for the Lord?

This statement should give us the assurance that there really is nothing too hard for God. Why? Simply because he is the Creator of the universe, is he not! He made the universe with just his spoken word! Can he not cause a 100-year-old man and his aged wife to have a child? He did! What mountain or obstacle stands in your way? Is there something that to your natural mind seems impossible for man? Even the apostles asked Jesus how a person could be saved. He told them that with man salvation is impossible, but with God all things are possible. (Matt 19:26, Mark 10:27, and Luke 18:27)

Now, again, let us look inwardly and honestly address those issues or areas of life where WE think that they are impossible or at least seem to be so. Now let us look again at them through a different camera lens, the lens through which Jesus sees! He tells us that with God, everything is possible! He tells us that if we ask God the Father in his name, Jesus, the Father will grant us our prayers. Why? So that it may glorify the Father! Now take those things you saw through your skewed, scratched camera lens and look at them through God’s lens. They are clear and achievable. God says you can, whereas your mind and the enemy may say you can’t. Who are you going to believe? Who are you going to trust? God or yourself? God or the devil?

Speak that mountain of an issue in your life and tell it to be cast into the sea! It has to move. Jesus told us that we can do all things through him, who strengthens us. (via the Pauline epistle to Phillipi, 4:13) Thus, we need to know and believe that God can do anything! He makes the miraculous to happen, he causes the supernatural to occur, and he does the impossible. He is God! He is more than able!

Father, there have been issues in my life that I thought were totally impossible. I took it upon myself through my arrogance to not relinquish the issues of life over to you and allow you to handle them. I denied the power of your word spoken by the apostle Peter that commands us to violently throw down all of our cares upon you because you care for us. Yes, I must humble myself prior to doing so because it is a proud thing to hold onto my problems and not allow you to solve them for me, which I am unable to do for myself. Forgive me of my pride and arrogance. Most gracious King, I submit to your will, word, and way. May your sovereign plan be worked out in my life, as you have dictated. I trust you to do those things that seem impossible and to open/close doors that no one else can. I not only trust in you, but I give myself away to you. Have your way in me. May I decrease in order that you may increase. In Jesus’ name, Amen.