God answers prayer.

Isaac pleaded with the Lord on behalf of his wife, because she was unable to have children. The Lord answered Isaac’s prayer, and Rebekah became pregnant with twins. – Genesis 25:21

Isaac married Rebekah at age 40; however, she was barren at that time. The couple wanted desperately to have a child, so Isaac entreated God to heal his wife’s infertility. God heard the prayer of his servant, Isaac, and healed Rebekah’s condition and thereby allowed them to have children. Not only was she able to then bear a child, but she ended up having twins! God blessed them twice over.

What part of your life requires a touch of God? Is there anything in your life that you need God to rectify? This godly couple were childless. They sought the One who could remedy the situation and bless them with progeny. In fact, not only did God hear and answer the prayer, he gave them more than for that which they asked. Do you desire children? A spouse? A dwelling? An employment? Then do not be afraid to ask God for what you need. Jesus taught us several things through his teachings: (1) ask and it will be given to you, (2), seek and you will find, (3) knock and it will be opened to you, (4) be persistent in prayer for the things you need, (5) make God priority one and the necessities of life will be given to you, (6) God likes giving gifts to his children, and (7) the Father already knows what you have need of before you ask him.

Thus, we should not be ashamed or afraid to seek God for the things we need and want in life. The Hebraic epistle teaches us that we are to go boldly before the throne of Grace and make our petitions known to God. The Jamesian epistle teaches us that we don’t have the things we want because we don’t ask God for them. Or, we, as the epistle states, ask with a wrong motive, which thereby negates our petition from the outset. We must ask God with pure motive and in accordance with what He wants and wills. Nevertheless, Jesus told us again and again not to be afraid. Why? Because God is a loving God full of grace and mercy, who seeks to bring home his children and not condemn them.

Therefore, ask God what you will for what you need, and even what you want. Jesus said that evil fathers know how to give good gifts to their children, then how much more does the Father want to give good gifts to His children? For every good gift comes down from heaven from the Father of lights.

Father, I want to thank you for letting me live another day. You sustained me and showered me with your grace. It was more than enough to see me through this day. Now did I make it through the day? Yes, but it was not without controversy. Nevertheless, you still receive the glory and honor and praise for letting me experience this day. There is one thing of note, which I bring before you today. You know the status of my employment situation; I do have a job, for which I am grateful to you. On the other hand, I ask you to help me secure another source of employment that is more to my personal liking and more in line with what you’ve called me to do. If you take me from my hometown area and send me to parts unknown, thank you. If you choose to keep me here, thank you as well. However, you know that my heart longs to be in the foreign lands where people don’t know you and need you as much as anyone in the USA. Help me to be a blessing to others with my time, talents, and treasures. May your will be done, not mine. In Jesus’ name, Amen.