Do all things as though unto God, he’ll make your boss happy.

From the day Joseph was put in charge of his master’s household and property, the Lord began to bless Potiphar’s household for Joseph’s sake. All his household affairs ran smoothly, and his crops and livestock flourished. – Genesis 39:5

Joseph had been sold into slavery by his brothers because he’d told them his dreams about how they’d bow down to him one day. Their jealousy drove them to devise of how to get rid of him without actually killing him. Thus, they sold him to traders, who eventually sold him to an officer of Pharaoh’s court. While in the service of this officer, Joseph began to be blessed by the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The officer noticed that all his affairs were in order, his crops blossomed, and his livestock flourished. The hand of God had blessed this Egyptian’s home and business for the sake of Joseph. Joseph remained a loyal and faithful servant while in his boss’ care until the day his boss’ wife set him up for not sleeping with her. This entrapment led to the imprisonment of Joseph, but even there, God blessed Joseph and made things in jail go fairly smooth.

I am going to be completely honest. My current employment causes me great frustration and aggravation on a daily basis. The stress of the sales environment can get to me at times, but more often than not, it’s not the customers that bug me. It’s the company for which I work that really gets me down. The company employs operating procedures and tactics that do more to demoralize and discourage us rather than encourage and exhort us to do more. Fear of reprisal is the motivator used to increase sales. And a pay raise, what’s that? However, I digress. These are but a few of  the grievances I come to note since working for this company.

Today, however, God has used this passage about Joseph to open my blind eyes and see the truth of the situation. First off, I should be grateful that I have any gainful employment at all! Things I have done in the past preclude me, many times, from securing other jobs. On the other hand, God reminds me of Paul’s witness that he learned to be content in ALL situations, whether he had plenty or little or nothing! WOW! What a crack across the proverbial behind that was! Well, despite this illumination, God’s Spirit says to me that I need to observe the fact that God blessed the business operations of his unbelieving boss for the believing employee’s sake if for no other reason. OUCH! Proverbial spanking number two!!

I guess I need to learn to button my lip, to be grateful to God that he is my source and provision, and to be humble about my duties on the job. If God blessed Potiphar’s operation for the sake of Joseph, then there is no reason that he can’t and won’t bless the operations of the firm for which I work because of me. I guess I need to refocus my thoughts and actions in  a more godly light. I am reminded again of Paul’s words that we should do all that we do as though unto Jesus and not men. We should seek to please our employers not for their praise and adulation but to be a witness of God’s love on the job.

Jesus tells us that we should so let our lights shine before men that they see our good deeds in order that they may glorify the Father. If I am not humbling myself before God, even on the job, then how am I letting the light of God shine before the boss, coworkers, and the public? Why would I expect God to bless the business for my sake when I am acting contrary? I need to be a true witness and then expect God to bless the operation and bring glory to his name!

Father, first off, thank you for the loving correction and discipline that you’ve shared with me today. You’ve opened my eyes to the truth of my attitude and behavior on the job. Furthermore, you’ve shown me that the key to success on the job isn’t how much I sell or do but rather how I worship you through my work. Being faithful to you and humble on the job will do more to bring you glory than anything else. I ask and believe without doubt that you will turn around not only the culture and atmosphere of my workplace but also the success of that store merely because I am your son. You won’t do it for the sake of the company or even the boss, but for little old me. I am not worthy of such blessing, but I understand that you love to lavish gifts upon your children. Therefore, I ask you, LORD, please do for my job and employer what you did for Joseph and the house of Potiphar. You are the unchanging God, who is the same always. Thank you! I love you! In Jesus’ name, Amen.