Who is the Messiah? – The “I AM”

Again the cohen hagadol [high priest] questioned him: “Are you the Mashiach, Ben-HaM’vorakh [Messiah, Son of the Blessed]?” 62 “I AM,” answered Yeshua. – Mark 14:60-61 (CJB)

During his illegal and mockery of a trial, Jesus received numerous accusations from would-be witnesses against his religious crimes. He refused to address them because he fulfilled scripture regarding the matter. Additionally, the high priest asked him why he would not answer his accusers, but again, he remained silent. Then the high priest personally asked Jesus if he was the Messiah. Jesus replied simply, “I AM.”

Very few times in scripture do we read accounts of where Jesus publicly acknowledged his deity as God. Most of the time when his identity as the Son of God was announced, particularly by demons, he warned the ones making the discovery to remain silent. He did not want people to know of his divinity until the appropriate time. There were times when Jesus revealed that he was the “I AM” followed by people falling out in his presence.

We have to go back to the very time that Moses encountered God through the burning bush to see the first occurrence of the term, I AM. God told Moses to tell Israel that the “I AM WHO I AM” had sent him to them. This name would reveal to the people of Israel that Moses had indeed spoken with the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Jesus even referred to this name in relation to Abraham when he told the people that before Abraham was, “I AM.” They wanted to stone him for blasphemy because he equated himself with being God in that statement, even though he was God – the Son.

So why do I write today about this topic? Because when we realize who the I AM really is, it causes a sense of humility to surface within us. God is a God who is always on time. He is never late nor early. Again why? Because he is the God of present, or as Jesus put it, “the God of the living.” We have to remember that God is outside of time. He knows the end from the beginning. He looks as the whole of time and humanity as one large canvas painted with course of our lives painted on it all happening at the same time, from the first day of creation to the last day of time before the beginning of eternity.

Why would we not want to humble ourselves before such a majestic and awesome God who created order out of nothingness, created the visible from the invisible, and created an offspring in his image to love him and serve him! In fact the very word, Messiah, means anointed one. Jesus was the chosen, anointed one of God to be our Savior, to be our Redeemer, to be our Advocate, to be our Deliverer, to be our Comforter, to be our Provider, to be our Leader, to be our Lord, to be our Friend, to be our Brother, to be our Joint-heir, to be our Healer, to be our Creator, and so forth. We owe our very existence to God the Son, Jesus the Anointed One. There is no greater way to describe Jesus other than “I AM” because he has always been, is, and always will be God.

Father, it was Jesus who created the heavens, the earth, the animals, the plants, the universe, and us. All this was created by him, for him, and through him, for nothings was made without him. He has been with you since the beginning and always will be with you. We can’t understand how you, the Father, can be God along with Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit. The limitations of human understanding become stifled by such magnificence. It’s too tremendous to comprehend; however, I do know that I can leave the grander things up to you and trust in you to lead me and guide me into all truth. For I remember that my place in not reason or wonder why but to do. The night of Jesus’ arrest in Gethsemane reminds of that fact because thrice he prayed to you to take away the cup of death he would swallow but chose instead to do what you had set in order. Without his obedience to that instruction, I would not be here today sharing my heart with you. I am so grateful that you loved me, and all humanity, enough to give us your all. Thank you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.