What’s the point of worrying?

Can all your worries add a single moment to your life? 26 And if worry can’t accomplish a little thing like that, what’s the use of worrying over bigger things? – Luke 12:25-26

Jesus was teaching his disciples truths of life after having given a verbal tongue lashing to a group of religious leaders and teachers, who thought they knew everything there was to know about God. He warned the apostles to not allow the religious elite’s hypocrisy to become part of their lives. Instead he instructed them to learn to trust God for the basic necessities of life. If God took care of the animals and plants, then how much more would he take care of his children? Thus, Jesus said there was no reason to worry about things, particularly big things in life.

I am being honest with my readers from all around the world. For weeks now I have struggled with depression and anxiety and worry on my job. There are those who work with me that do slack on the job and create a stressful atmosphere on a day-to-day basis. This environment creates an atmosphere that is not conducive to good work. Tensions tend to flare because those who don’t do their job cause others to pick up the slack, including yours truly. I have been allowing this added work stress me to the point of wanting to quit my job, look for new employment, and even at times wishing that life were over, sadly but true.

However, God orchestrates today’s reading to include this passage from Jesus’ teachings on what can worrying do for me? He lectures me, personally, in this lesson and tells me through the Holy Spirit to stop worrying about things I cannot control or have no need to control. There are repercussions for those who slack on the job. Their misdeeds will catch up to them and provide them a just reward. For me, however, I need to actually trust in my God to provide for me and care for me. His Word doesn’t say that I work for the company that hired me, but I am to do all things as though unto God. Thus, by definition, I work for the Almighty. Why then do I allow myself to be tormented because of the work environs? Why do I allow stress to get the best of me?

A very close, personal friend of mine told me today that because Jesus lives in me and has a personal relationship with me, the joy of the LORD is already in me. Thus, the joy of the LORD, who lives in me, gives me strength to do what I have to do for that day. If those around me fail to accomplish their duties, am I suppose to frustrate myself seeking to get done what they were tasked to do? Do I add to my plate things not meant for me to do, even though their inaction causes my position to suffer? All I know is that I am going to trust my God to give me the peace of Christ to rule my heart, I am going to allow God’s joy to overflow in me and be my strength, and I am going to exercise my faith and see God provide.

I don’t know if I am going to be on this job another day, another week, another month, or even another year. Yet, I do know that no matter what I do, God will provide as along as I trust in him. He is my sole source. There is no other. If he cares for and tends animals’ and plants’ needs, how much more will he see me through, as his son? Therefore, as Jesus said, there is no point in worrying. It won’t change one iota.

Father, have I been that blind for so long that I couldn’t see your hand at work in my life? Was I so deaf to your sweet voice that I couldn’t discern your Spirit leading me and guiding me? Was my heart so hard and rebellious that I refused to trust in you and added worry to my life that caused me pain and anguish, both physically and soulfully? Have I been foolish for not trusting you? I would dare say, “yes,” to all the above. Please forgive me for doubting you and rebelling against you. Please hear my prayer tonight and address the issue of my heart. I do love you, Father, above all else. I want to be different and walk firmly in the power of your might through the Holy Spirit. I tire of the life I have been living. There has been no joy, no peace, no love, no hope, no trust, no confidence, no light, and even no faith. WOW! There I admitted it all. I failed you, but I know you have not failed me. Please honor your Word and allow me to succeed at all I put my hands to do, as I seek you wholeheartedly. Your Word never fails, never abandons, and never gives up. I put my trust in you. Help me to secure a better foundation in you. I need your guidance. In Jesus’ name, Amen.