Where does wisdom come from? (pt. 2)

But it is the spirit in a person, the breath from Shaddai, that gives him understanding… – Job 32:8

Job received a great tongue lashing from his elder three friends, who had supposedly come to comfort him but instead berated him for his calamity and accused him of suffering due to his sins. Then after Job had responded to his “friends,” the young man, Elihu, a friend of Job also, spoke up and began to counsel Job on wisdom but without degrading or deriding his companion. In his speech, Elihu informed Job and the others that in fact wisdom comes from the breath of the Almighty, also known to him as the spirit within a person.

It amazes me how great the Almighty is! When Elihu speaks of the spirit in a person, the breath from Shaddai, we get a sense of whom he refers. The breath of Shaddai, th Almighty, is none other than the Holy Spirit. The author of the text writes the word spirit in this quote as lower case meaning the person’s individual spirit, but the definition of that spirit – the breath of Shaddai – is the Holy Spirit himself. There is no other. We know that the breath of Shaddai is referred to in holy scripture as the Ruach HaKodesh, with the word ruach meaning breath. Thus, without failure, we can know for certain that the wisdom one receives truly comes from God the Father via God the Holy Spirit. Thus, I say that anyone who lacks wisdom do as James says and ask God for it because he will give wisdom generously to all that ask Him. Do you need wisdom? Now you know where it comes from and where to receive it. Ask God; He will provide.

Father, thank you for the gift of the Holy Spirit as promised by Jesus. Your Spirit teaches us what we need to know, including wisdom, and guides us into all truth. For there is no truth except Jesus, who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. I need your wisdom in the area of my employment. You’ve always provided for me and blessed me with employment and sustained me accordingly. I’ve had to learn a humbling lesson lately regarding my current job, (no pun intended), but I know that you have a greater mission awaiting me. You promised me when I was a child that I would reach the nations, and I do that through this medium. However, you told me that I would step into a role more personal in nature to share the Good News of Jesus. I trust in you and in the Holy Spirit to guide me and give me wisdom as to the next steps to take. I have to rely upon you, Father. Thank you for your love through the gift of my big brother, God the Son – Jesus! In Jesus’ name, Amen.