There is wisdom in being patient.

All the more when you say that you don’t see him! Just be patient; he’s considering the matter. – Job 35:14

In his continued soliloquy, Elihu, speaks on about the greatness of God. Apparently, he and the other friends of Job took it heart that Job had beat his chest about his innocence and took on a proud stance regarding his innocence. However, Elihu reminded the elder men that when a person doesn’t sense God around or with them, then that person needs to just plop a squat and wait on God to respond.

How many times have you or I gotten impatient with God for what seemed like his unresponsiveness to our situation? We thought that God should have acted on our behalf right then or there or at some appointed time set by us. Yet, God didn’t act as we had hoped or even sometimes demanded. Ugh! No, the problem isn’t with God but us. This message is the point that Elihu tried to make to Job and his friends. Job ranted and raved about his innocence from sin and went on about his calamity as being brought on by an act of God, which was the furthest thing from the truth.

Hence, Elihu wanted us to see how imperative it is to know the wisdom in waiting upon God. Whenever we try to handle things in our power and abilities, we generally create chaos. For example, God told Abraham that he would have a son through whom the nations of the world would be blessed. Well, Abe went and slept with his servant and bore a son, who was nothing but trouble for his son born from his aged wife by a miracle from God. That intrusion in God’s work still affects the Jews and their Semite cousins to this day.

We need to learn to take the words of Elihu and marry them to the words God spoke to David when he said, “Be still, and know that I am God.” Furthermore, we need to marry Elihu’s words with the words of the prophet who said that God is already at work on our behalf before we even ask. Even Jesus said that the Father knows what we have need of before we ask him. Therefore, if you find yourself in a hurried state to get something done, stop. Take a moment and seek God on the matter. Don’t be in such a rush. My earthly father always told me that you pay through the nose in life when you rush things. It’s not worth the hassle that follows, but oh how sweet is the blessing that comes from God’s moving on our behalf in his timing!

Father, thanks for speaking to me again about slowing my roll and waiting upon you. It’s so easy to get tangled up in trying to force things to happen rather than trusting in you and waiting on you. You know what I need long before I ask. You know what’s best for me, so why do I try to do anything but rely upon and trust in you? Forgive me, please, sir. I love you and need your continued guidance in my life. In Jesus’ name, Amen.