Where were you know-it-all?

“Where were you when I founded the earth? Tell me, if you know so much. – Job 38:4 (CJB)

Job, his three elder friends, and the younger Elihu had all said their individual piece on the matter of Job’s suffering. Job defended himself and his innocence while the elder three friends condemned him and blamed his condition on Job’s supposed sins. Elihu then tried to explain wisdom and understanding to the four elder men in the text. Then suddenly out of the middle of a storm, the LORD himself addressed the entire group and told Job to stand before Him and explain his position. In God’s opening speech he asked the afflicted Job where he was when the earth was formed and created. Additionally, God asked Job to tell Him IF Job knew so much.

Have you ever been called a know-it-all or even felt like you knew it all or could do it all? When God confronts someone about their pride, it is not necessarily a cheery or gracious event. He brought King Nebuchadnezzar of ancient Babylon to his knees and caused his hair to grow on his body like bird feathers and his nails like claws and to eat grass like an animal UNTIL he came to his senses and recognized God as the supreme being of the universe. However, even Nebuchadnezzar didn’t fully learn the lesson of humbling himself before God. His grandson was even worse than he was.

Well, God spoke to me today about that little root of pride that has recently been trying to push itself to the surface of my soul. He said that  the root of pride had to be plucked up out of the ground completely by him and for me to remain humble before Him or see the consequence of my continued actions. Accordingly, I wasn’t there when the earth was formed and supposed to know that much. God has blessed me with a gift of intelligence and good memory, but I pray that he would continue to allow me to use them for his glory and not mine.

Case in point – I’ve recently endured the madness that is my current occupation to include picking up the slack caused by others’ refusal to do their duties and even to inefficiency of the operating procedures put in place by the corporation. This environment has taken a great toll upon me over the last two years to the point that I’ve fought depression and even thoughts of self-harm, but God has carried me through even to this day by his grace. Recently in one of my periods of frustration I reached out to a great friend, who gave me this advice, When our own performance standards are so high, we tend to have little patience for others. But when we are constantly faced with our own mistakes, we can better afford to others the same grace we so badly need.

May the great Lord give me the ability to extend that grace to others that I, too, so desperately need.

Father, give the ability to share your grace with others when I feel like I’m the only one getting the job done. Where I work drives me to the edge of sanity at times, as you know. I cannot control the actions of others, but I can control mine. I need grace and wisdom in this matter and am not so proud to admit so. I don’t know it all and must rely upon, You, the One who does! I put this matter into Your hands and seek your guidance. May Your will be done and not mine. Thank you for extending grace to me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.