Complete surrender.

Jeremiah replied, “You won’t be handed over to them if you choose to obey the Lord. Your life will be spared, and all will go well for you. – Jeremiah 38:20

King Zedekiah had imprisoned Jeremiah in the dungeon of Jonathan’s house, which had been converted into a prison. One day the king asked the prophet if he’d received any messages from God. Jeremiah told the king that if he surrender to the Babylonian king, he’s be spared and live. King Zedekiah refuted that he was intimidated and didn’t want to surrender to the Babylonians because he feared the flack he’d receive from his officials for speaking to a traitorous man!

Is there anything in life that is holding you back from completely surrendering your life to God? Is there even just one small aspect of your life that you’re reserving and refusing to release to God? The words of the prophet should ring out like bell chimes to us in that God wants us to surrender to him completely. Accordingly, there is a correlation between the prophecy given to Zedekiah and how that prophecy applies to us. Although we may not be facing an imminent death as was Zedekiah for not surrendering to his enemy, we do face an eternal death if we don’t surrender, I surrender all. I surrender all. All to thee my blessed Savior, I surrender all. Do the right thing and turn your life over to God to the fullest. Allow him to bless you through using you and the gifts his given you for his glory and the expansion of his kingdom. You’ll be so glad you did.

Father, I’ve struggled for years in my talents and gifts. As a child you blessed me with intellect and a talent for song and music. At different times in life, I’ve used the gift of song to sing in choirs and be a minister to others through song. On the other hand, my talent for playing the piano has been a different story. I have never released that part of me back to you 100%. I like to play and sing songs, but I’ve also never pursued that talent beyond personal gratification because of fear and a lackadaisical attitude toward working on improving the talent with which you blessed me. I know I’m not going to hell for this issue, but I sense that by holding back a part of me from you, I’ve been not only disobedient but have shortchanged myself from doing more for your glory and kingdom. Please forgive me, Dad. I want you to have all of me, not just bits and pieces. I agree that it must be an all or nothing approach to our relationship. You’ve not hidden anything from me, so how do I get off with holding back on you? You deserve more out of me than what I have produced. Help me to be more of what you want me to be. I ask for your grace and assistance. Thank you, sir, I love you! In Jesus’ name, Amen.