Empowered by God’s Spirit to tell America, “Repent, for the kingdom of God is at hand.”

But as for me, I am filled with power—with the Spirit of the LORD. I am filled with justice and strength to boldly declare Israel’s sin and rebellion. – Micah 3:8

The prophet Micah received a vision from YHWH to deliver to the people of Israel and Judea. The people had turned their backs on God and began worshiping idols and other gods for centuries. The LORD had finally reached a point with them that he decided to exile them into foreign lands just as he foretold Moses long ago. Micah was one of several prophets sent to the Hebrews warning them to return to God and repent of their evil ways or be banned from their promised land. The LORD empowered Micah to deliver this message to the people. The message contained a word of peril but would also inform them of the love of God to gather the remnant that would be left in the future and be their God still.

The apostle Paul teaches us in his Ephesian letter that there are five ecclesiastical gifts from God to the church. They are apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, and teacher. Every person called and chosen of God has some unique gift to be used for the glory of God and his kingdom; however, not everyone is called to be of the ecclesiastical set. In the case of the prophet, the role of the gift is to exhort (), equip, and encourage the people of God with messages straight from the Creator himself. Yes, God speaks to all who will listen, but sometimes He chooses to use specific individuals to deliver heavy and burdensome messages to the church as a whole or a particular group of people.

As a child of 12 years, I knew that God called me to be of the five-fold ecclesiastical set. I was never quite sure of which he’d called me to be. Much later in life I came to learn of that specific role – He called me to be a prophet. There have been times of speaking to groups of people and even to the occasional individual, as God led me. It was through one of the charismatic gifts (listed in 1 Corinthians 12:7-10) given to me by the Spirit of God (1 Cor. 12:11) that I came to understand part of that role – to speak to the people of America regarding her sin and rebellion.

American forefathers founded this once great nation on the biblical standards of freedom and equality with certain inalienable rights granted mankind by the Creator: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The laws of the land were devised from several sources but found their roots in the Judaeo-Christian faith. However, our great homeland and her people have sinned against the great LORD and God of the universe and rebelled against Him. How? Through our continual slaughter of the innocents via abortion, the acceptance and tolerance of perverted lifestyles to include civil unions of same-sex partners, the persecution of the innocent while applauding the guilty, calling evil good and good evil, and other deplorable acts of evil and violence. Our jails are overcrowded because of the evil that fills the hearts of men and women.

Whereas our nation was founded on Godly principles and triumphed the freedom of its people, it now seeks to enslave her people in idol worship of money, drugs, sex, and perversion. The Bible clearly states that Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD. This statement can no longer be said of America. We no longer hold to the faith of Jehovah as our God, but we’ve allowed the introduction of gods-that-are-not God: Allah, Buddha, Baha’i, Wicca, Satan, and Mammon (spirit of greed for money) into the very core and fabric of our society. Any god can be named and worshiped under the protection of the First Amendment even in the halls of our government, but woe to the nation, including America, when she allows the Supremacy of Jehovah be replaced as the God of that nation by a false god.

America, Jehovah is rising up men and women like me to bring you a message and warning to repent and turn back to the God who founded you. His name is I AM, YHWH, Jehovah. There is no God but Jehovah. He is a jealous God and will not share his glory with any god. As in the days of ancient Israel when the prophets warned the Hebrews to turn back to God or suffer the fate that awaited them, God too has given me a similar message for us. We must repent of our national sins and cease all such evil immediately. The harbinger has spoken over the last 14 years. Our nation was rocked by the 9-11 attacks. Our economy tanked in 2007. The nation’s capital was rocked by a massive earthquake that damaged only two buildings: the Washington Monument (symbol of government) and the National Cathedral (symbol of religion).

Hear these words. A greater awakening is coming to America. God is trying to reach us and shake us up to wake us up in order that we will come to our sense as a nation and return to him. Otherwise, we will see the fall and destruction of this great nation. It is not a matter of if but when. Don’t listen to the liars and deceivers that tell us that America’s best days are just ahead. The Bible warns us to beware of those who declare, “Peace and prosperity,” when the day of judgment approaches. If we fall on our knees and genuinely seek out the hand and heart of God with true repentance, God can and will stay the execution of his judgment on America.
However, there is a sense of reality that says we will be like ancient Israel and continue to walk in our evil ways and suffer a like fate. We already have a dictatorial leader running the executive office of our republic, who wants nothing shy of total control and the establishment of his kingdom. There are many who want to coronate B.H. Obama as Caesar. When that day comes soon (as we near 2016), the day of freedom in this land is over. Beware the destruction of personal freedoms. The day fast approaches when those who are still bold enough to declare the Truth of God’s Word that there is only one Way to God the Father through Jesus and that under heaven there is only One name by which mankind must be saved, Jesus, will be imprisoned for such acts of devotion and may see them give their very lives for their faith in God. That day will come very soon.

Father, it is not a fun or exciting thing to declare a word of warning to a lost and dying people. However, you always provide a message of hope within the details of any message of judgment. The people of America, my people, still have hope. So long as they are alive and this nation is free, we can return to the God of our fathers and see hope renewed. It breaks my heart to know that America like ancient Israel will ultimately turn her back on you and suffer your judgment. In the meantime, I believe in You to gather a great harvest of souls in these perilous times before the second advent of your Son’s millennial reign. Have mercy upon us O God and forgive this nation for her sins. In Jesus’ name, so be it.