It’s all in the glory Part 2.

You have made them a little lower than the angels and crowned them with glory and honor. – Psalm 8:5

David wrote in this psalm the cries of his heart and spoke to the LORD about his desire and affection for mankind. The author stood amazed by the concept that the great and powerful Creator of the universe would create a being a tad lower than angels, who are immortal and quite powerful, yet crown his pinnacle creation with glory and honor. He pondered as to why the LORD would do such a thing. It baffled his human brain; however, he understood that mankind possessed something the angels never would…a personal relationship with the Creator as Father.

Do you get it? I don’t for sure. I am like David in that it is hard for me to consider the fact that God would make his crowning achievement in creation mankind, a being with less power than angels yet have more honor and glory than the heavenly host. If you remember from the previous post, I spoke of the glory of God being radiated in Jesus who represents the very essence of God’s being through the glory. Now we read of God crowning us with glory and honor.

What I am about to right is not doctrine nor is it to be taken as such, but let us consider this thought. How can man be crowned with glory if Jesus is the glory of God and that glory cannot be shared with anyone save the Father? We have to look ahead in time from David’s day to the time when Jesus lived, died, and rose again. The very act of the cross coupled with the resurrection brought mankind back into covenant relationship with the Father. The bible is clear that the blood of goats and bulls could and would never cleanse us of our sins. Sin required the payment of human blood, so Jesus, as God and man, had to live his perfect life in order to be the perfect sacrifice, which thereby restored righteousness to mankind.

Our human observation and obedience to the Law given to Moses brought about personal righteousness, but again, it failed to wipe out our sins. Thus, we needed one to save us from sin and bring us back to the righteousness that God crowned us with in the beginning of Creation. That original glory from God covered us in our nakedness to the point that Adam and Eve could stand physically before the Living God devoid of clothing and not be ashamed. Once that glory departed from them through their choice to disobey God. The crown of glory came off and shamed replaced it with a chain of slavery. God had to separate himself from the sin. Mankind now stood alone and apart from God without that crown of glory. It broke God’s heart and eventually led him to wipe out the first humans save 8.

However, he never forgot his pinnacle creation. He loved mankind more than all the rest of creation because he had made us in his very image. We were little copies of the Almighty. He wanted to restore the personal Father-child relationship that was lost in the Garden of Eden. It took the life and sacrifice of his own son, Jesus, to do so. This is why he was and is still mindful of mankind. He loves us! We cannot be in love with him without that crown of glory! That glory is Jesus!

Father, thank you for opening my eyes to the truth of the glory and the crown of such that you placed upon mankind. I now see the true importance of the role the glory plays in the human equation and existence. Without that “crowning” moment there would be no humanity. We would all be separated from your love and bound for an eternity in the hell reserved for disobedient angels. You amaze me with the complexity of your very existence let alone your thoughts and love. Allow that crown of glory to rest upon me continually, as I strive to walk with you by the power of your Spirit through faith. I love you, Dad. In Jesus’ name, so be it.