All or nothing; there can be no compromise.

For my part, I wholeheartedly followed the Lord my God. – Joshua 14:8b

When Israel left Egypt and began their trek across the desert to Canaan, it was not long after that they came to the border of Canaan. Moses sent 12 people into the land to recon it and report back to him with their findings. Two of those 12 were Joshua and Caleb. In fact they were the only two of 12 who reported with faith that the land could be taken. For their reward they were allowed into the land. Moses even promised Caleb that the land he had reconned would be his one day. Well, that day finally arrived, and he went to Joshua to lay claim to it. In his claim he stated that as for his part in reporting back to Moses he had followed the Lord his God wholeheartedly. He got his land.

The Bible clearly tells us that those who sought after the Lord their God with all of their heart and soul were blessed and found favor with God. It seemed that whatever they put their hands to prospered in some fashion. Caleb is one of the first we see who lived to enjoy the blessings of God that resulted from his obedience to the Lord. Another fact of the Bible is that blessing follows obedience. This path is a one way direction. We don’t ever enjoy obedience as an after effect of blessing. It just doesn’t happen that way.

Thus, we need to look at the life of Caleb as an inspiration in how we live our lives in relation to our God. Caleb loved his God enough that he followed what He said with all of his heart, soul, mind, and strength! He did so wholeheartedly! His reward came 45 years after the fact, but it came nonetheless. He never lost heart or doubted that one day he’d stand on the land that Moses promised him for his obedience and faith in God. Again, one of Caleb’s reward, along with Joshua, is that he was one of only two people from his generation who didn’t die in the wilderness because of unbelief and was allowed to enter into and live in the promised land.

Do you or I have the guts, the determination, the boldness, the verve, the love to follow the words of our God to the end? Even if it means that we may one day lay down our lives in service to him? Caleb did! Joshua did! JESUS did! We have to learn the truth of there can be NO COMPROMISE! Later on we will look into the life of King Saul and how in his pursuit to have an appearance of Godliness but managed to deny the power thereof. We will see how his pride and decisions to take matters into his hands rather than trust in God and follow his commands led to his death and destruction. Saul failed to learn the lesson of there can be NO COMPROMISE! He had to learn the hard way that obedience is better than sacrifice.

The truth of the matter is that partial obedience, even 99.9%, is still complete disobedience. In fact God looks at disobedience (rebellion) no differently than he does witchcraft and equates stubbornness with idolatry! What seems innocuous to us becomes a stench of sin in God’s nostrils! Look back at Adam in Eden. His eating the forbidden fruit wasn’t the kicker; it was his disobedience. Sin is nothing more than disobedience to God. He loved us to give not only his one and only Son, Jesus, but in him he gave us his Word. It is his Word that sustains us in times of trial and temptation. It is his Word that strengthens us in our weakness. It is his Word that provides us daily sustenance. It is his Word that teaches us the Way to the narrow path that leads to Life. It is his Word (Jesus not just the written scriptures but the one to whom they refer) that gives us eternal life. It is his Word that has the answers to all of life’s problems. Therefore, to rise up in rebellion against or to stubbornly refuse to follow that Word shows our true contempt for God and is no less offensive to our Creator than murder or idolatry!

Do you want to join me in living a life of NO COMPROMISE? To stand up in a world and day and age when most people live life the way they see fit rather than trust in God to be their all in all, their provision, their source! Whenever life starts to throw something in front of you that would lead you astray, stop and take notice and tell it, “NO COMPROMISE”!

Father, help me to be honest not only with you but with myself. I want to be a man of integrity who does the right thing no matter what, even if it costs me personally! I want to leave a legacy that states, “This man possessed the highest level of integrity and was known by all as the most Godly man people ever knew.” I want to live a life defined by the phrase, “NO COMPROMISE”! I may and will now and then make a mistake; it’s inevitable. However, I want to live a life that reflects your glory and brings you nothing but glory. Making God-honoring decisions in all I think, say, and do should and must be my mantra. Help me to be like Caleb and be able to one day at the end of the road of life say, “For my part, I wholeheartedly followed the Lord my God.” In Jesus’ name, Amen.