The last step of making a God-honoring decision.

Then Joshua asked them, “How long are you going to wait before taking possession of the remaining land the Lord, the God of your ancestors, has given to you?” – Joshua 18:3

Joshua began dividing up the land of Canaan among the tribes of Israel had not received land on the east side of the Jordan River. Judah and Ephraim and half of Manasseh had been given their land, and the smaller tribes had not bothered to pursue their allotments. Thus, Joshua approached their leaders and asked them how long were they going to wait before going out and taking possession of their inheritance! Finally, he divided the remaining land among the last 7 tribes.

We learned 3 days ago the process to making God-honoring decisions. The last step in that process is Go for it. After one has done the following: prayed for guidance, gotten the facts, asked for Godly advice, set a goal, counted the cost, not made a decision while tired, and faced the fears of what’s ahead, God tells us it’s time to GO FOR IT! To be able to Go For It, we have to develop the mindset of NO COMPROMISE! There can be no turning to the left or to the right or turning back. To GO FOR IT we have to move straight ahead and follow the path that God sets before us even if it means self-sacrifice. Generally the path to life is paved with love, which in God’s eyes IS self-sacrifice.

So many of us think that we can just take life as it comes day by day, which we should live life day by day, but we can’t just receive it that way. Everyday God intends for us to be about his business and bringing glory to his name. To simply take life as it comes means that we don’t GO FOR IT, we just do it (not to steal a phrase from Nike). Are you and I sitting on the sidelines or on the bench waiting to get in the game when the final ticks of the game clock are passing? Are we waiting like the ball player in the songs says, “put me in coach; I’m ready to play, today.” When God is telling you GO FOR IT!

You’ve done the first 7 prerequisites only to sit in a holding pattern waiting your turn to leave the runway. Yes, sometimes God does have us sit and wait until we have been endued with power from on high, but that usually happens during the period of completing the first 7 steps in this process. Once that part is done, it is high time to spread your wings and fly when God gives the command to GO FOR IT! So, if you’re in that part of the process, get off your duff and have at it!

Father, thank you for once again revealing yourself to me in your holy Word. You know how to just speak my language and make me understand in my terminology what it is you intend for me to do. You have the knack of gently smacking me on the rear end like in a football game and saying, “Son, GO FOR IT!” You remind me of the young lady in the capital city of Shushan who was told to GO FOR IT by her uncle for such a time as this! She risked her life to save her people, but she had to stand up and GO FOR IT! She risked all to do all! May I have the resolve and courage to complete the mission you’ve set before me by following your command today and GO FOR IT! The launch pad is clear, the engines are revving up, and my wings are spread to fly! Upward and onward. In Jesus’ name, Amen.