When God moves, enemies scatter.

None of their enemies could stand against them, for the Lord helped them conquer all their enemies.Joshua 21:44b

Joshua, Eleazar, and the leaders of Israel had divided up the land of Canaan into parcels that each tribe inherited just as God had promised the patriarchs and commanded through his servant Moses. Once the leadership divided the land, the Lord went to battle for his people and conquered Israel’s enemies for them. As he had promised the patriarchs, he gave Israel rest on all sides. Not one of his promises made to the patriarchs went unfulfilled.

Now that we have learned the process of making God-honoring decisions and have looked at the details of what it means to step out in faith and obedience to the will and word of God, let’s take a peak into the great favor that comes from embracing and enacting the process of honoring God in our decisions. We have to remember, too, that the LORD taught us that great favor awaits us as a reward for our obedience.

While I lived in Ohio from 2012 -2015, I worked one job for a retailer, who brought me back on board as a rehire. This firm was the only employer in an entire 3 state area that gave me the nod of approval for hire. I estimate that more than 3,000 resumes went out during this time with nothing biting save this one retailer. During their employee, I progressed in positions of authority and responsibility and enjoyed modest pay increases but not without much grief and turmoil from staff, customers, and organizational policies and procedures. Their way of doing things really taxed my patience and my nerves, even to the point of severe depression once.

I was reminded of the scriptural passage that teaches us to be content in all things and in all situations. Once that lesson had been relearned, then the LORD began moving on my behalf to move me from there to my present location, occupation, and mission. From out of nowhere, a software firm, of which I’d never heard of, contacted me and wanted to discuss employment opportunities in the greater D.C. area. They found me through the job placement service of my graduate alma mater. It was about this time that the series of messages on making God-honoring decisions began. By the time the message on the actual process of how to honor God in our decisions was taught, this software firm came closer and closer to bringing me on board.

After the fateful message was taught, the pastor of the church told those in attendance to embrace the message and the process and then see the great favor of God happen in our lives. Well, I embraced it wholeheartedly! Within a month of that message there came a call to me that the software firm needed to do a background check on me. They sent me a job offer letter detailing the position and salary. **NOTE** My past had a sordid moment in it by which I’d let the judgment of man redefine my present and future based on my past. The LORD quickly began to show me that I’m NOT defined by my past or the thoughts of man but rather by his will, word, and way. He defined me as an overcomer, more than a conqueror, and a victor, not a victim!

Well, when the background was delayed and the firm asked for more information on what happened in my past, I began to revert to stinking thinking that I was going to be passed over once more like the prior 3,000 attempts. A friend helped me to reposition my take on the matter in that the firm still wanted to talk to me and consider me for employment, not rejecting me as I had thought. If they were going to can me, they would never have asked for more information. Just as the friend has stated, the software firm called me back and offered me the right hand of fellowship and welcomed me aboard.

The process of being tormented by rejection and the frustration of not going anywhere in life for three years made me feel like I was going to be bound to the grinding wheel as had been Samson, who was forced to walk out the daily grind for real! He had done things to reject God’s Spirit and glory early in life, but while on the grinding wheel where he could do nothing but relearn to honor God with his thoughts, words, and limited actions, the Spirit of the LORD returned to him and restored him and the strength he’d been promised. You know the rest of his story; now back to mine.

I thought I’d never get away from the insanity that had been my job with this former employer, the retailer. I had to learn, however, that the job was God’s provision for me and to not bad mouth that position. Once I’d learned to be content with where I was at, God moved mightily to remove me from that situation and fast track me to the place he wanted me to be in order for me to carry out the mission he’s assigned to me. Every obstacle that had been in my way was now removed.

It is not to say that leaving Ohio and coming back to the greater D.C. area was without event or trouble. Once here, the trouble began. My spiritual enemies began every effort to thwart my being here. They tried to get me to resent the move here, to resent my new job, to resent being in this area once more, to resent leaving my friends and family in Ohio, and to resent God himself. However, God had and still has news for the enemy. This son of the living God has a zeal for his God as did the courageous grandson of  Aaron the high priest, Phinehas.

I chose to honor God in my decisions to be content on the last job, to accept the mission he laid upon my heart, to step out in faith and take on a job in a field I’ve never worked or know very little about, and to just avail myself to him and say, “Yes, LORD,” to which he replied, “GO FOR IT!” The LORD my God has now begun to quiet my enemies on all fronts. I know that this peace will be short-lived because the demons of hell can’t stand me because of the One who I serve and the One to whom I belong. They despise me because I said, “yes” to the One who loves me and gave himself for me! They despise me because they know that with God at my side, they cannot stop me! They may try to stop me and give it their best to hinder me, but I will not relent in my pursuit of my God and bringing glory to his name through the completion of the mission in front of me!

If you want to see great favor in your life and know that you’ll have peace on all sides, then start now to honor God in all of your decisions. Go back, reread the process of how to make God-honoring decisions. Put them into practice. Then go for whatever God puts before you with all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength simply because you love God more than anything or anyone in this life. Embrace the message and reap the reward. I’ve seen great favor in my life the last three months and know that only more of it is to come; for without it I cannot and will not be able to complete my mission.

Father, I want to start by honoring you today with love, praise, and true heartfelt worship. There is none worthy of praise, glory, honor, or power except you. You alone are God and worthy to be praised. Let everything that has breath give you praise. You are my Source and Provision. You are my first Love. You are my Savior and Redeemer. You are my Lord and Master. You are my Rock and Refuge. You are my Strength and Shield. You are my All in all. You are my Friend. You are my Teacher and Guide. You are my Everything! Thank you for showering me with blessings and great favor. The mission I am on requires more and more of your great favor daily. Help me to keep a heart of thanksgiving in regards to this new profession and career and mission. The doors of national leaders will open up for me, as you place me in the right place and time to bring a prophetic word of judgment and salvation to a dying nation. National leaders will hear the Word of God for America through this vessel but only because You’ve chosen to do a work through me. It’s not my will but your will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. Again, thank you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.