“Oh, what joy for those whose disobedience is forgiven, whose sins are put out of sight. Yes, what joy for those whose record the Lord has cleared of sin.” – Romans 4:7-8

In the opening of the 4th chapter of this book/letter, Paul writes of the difference between something earned and something given. He speaks of grace and righteousness from God and how it differs from righteousness obtained by works. However, he continues and quotes the warrior king, David, and says that those who have had their sins wiped away by God have great joy.

We all need to look closely at the words of the warrior king. “What joy [when]…disobedience is forgiven…sins…put out of sight…whose record the Lord has cleared…” This being the case then every Christian should be (and could be and would be) the happiest people on the planet, yet we are not. Where is the disconnect? Is it because of sin in our lives? Unconfessed, unrepentant sin lurking within in our hearts? I dare say that most people, if they’ll be totally honest, have at least one thing regardless of its size that is disobedient to God’s standard.

At times we need to look to the Lord and have the Holy Spirit do a deep file scan of our hearts and minds to look for viruses of sin and other spiritual malware lurking within us. Sometimes there are latent issues from the past that have taken root way down deep in us, which we’ve covered over and forgotten. These infections have a way of manifesting themselves from time to time and require action. We are warned again and again about the consequences of latent sin. We experience bitterness, unforgiveness, rage, and the like. Then when left unchecked, these issues become problems that can be disastrous to others and ourselves.

Jesus instructed us to confess our faults to each other. Why? That there may be times of refreshing from having the matters aired, addressed, forgiven, and eventually resolved. When we get things off our chests in a Godly, loving manner, it frees both the offended and the offender. Joy comes in inexplicably and brings life to an otherwise troubled soul.

Father, please direct your Spirit to come and examine the inner most recesses of my heart, soul, mind, and being. Locate and eliminate anything that would cause a rift between us. I don’t want any person, thing, or idea to stand between us and foul up our relationship. There are things that I repent of now that I have allowed to pass through my mind and cause a disruption internally that cooked my goose and troubled me terribly. Help me to get pass the impasse. Strengthen me in my weakness through your grace, which is more than sufficient to empower me to do what you want done, not my agenda. Thank you for the path to joy unspeakable, and may I get on the path sooner than thought. I need you, love you, and want you first in my life. In Jesus’ name, Amen.