The answer is in Jesus!

Who will free me from this life that is dominated by sin and death? Thank God! The answer is in Jesus Christ our Lord. – Romans 7:24b-25a

Paul writes in his letter to the church in Rome about the sinful nature of man and how it works within mankind in conjunction with the law. For it is the law that caused the sinful nature of mankind to rise up and do the things that are contrary to the Law. The Law is holy and perfect and isn’t wrong. It shows us what is evil and what evil resides in the hearts of men. Then the apostle asks the question of who can relieve him of this oxymoronic state in which he finds himself. The answer he states lies in Jesus!

Wow! That is all that I can respond to Paul’s assertion. Yes, we all know that every person is sinful. There is no twisting that truth despite any and all good we have done, do, or will do, for the scriptures are clear when it states that there is none righteous, not one. This fact includes you and me. Thus, God gave us the Law to show us the wrong in us and to use it as a tutor to school us in coming to Jesus by grace through faith and accepting his gift of eternal life that we have in him through the work of the cross.

You and I could never atone for our wrongs. Even our spilled blood couldn’t buy or earn our way into heaven because it was stained by sin. If it were as easy as giving our lives as payment for sin, then all any of us would have to do is die a death like Jesus did! But wait, many were crucified by the Romans during the age of the empire, and none of them went to heaven simply because of being hung on a tree. Many were crucified or fed to lions or killed by gladiators, but their physical death was merely loss of breath. Their eternal life had been secured in their love for and relationship with Jesus.

You see, Jesus had to be born of a virgin, born without any sin, which came to man through the seed of Adam (for no woman carries seed). Therefore, with Jehovah as his Father, Jesus didn’t carry the sin DNA passed down through human lineage. He never knew sin, as the scriptures declare. He bore our sins on the cross to pay for our sins. Thus, his death and subsequent resurrection not only bought our salvation but brought forth our salvation. Now we can see and know why Paul wrote that it is through Jesus that we can be delivered from and set free from this life that is dominated by sin and death. Through the righteousness of Jesus, we can have live, eternal life, in him!

Father, thank you, thank you, thank you for giving us Jesus to die for our sins, setting us free from sin, overcoming sin, and making us your children through him. It is true that I can be delivered from this awful life that is dominated by sin and death through Jesus the Anointed One. Whereas I am unable to free myself, you have set me free through Jesus. Your Spirit raised his dead body back to life and made him the firstborn among many. His triumph over the enemy, death, hell, and the grave made it possible for me to spend eternity with you. I don’t have to be controlled by sin anymore. I must yield my life and ways to you, but that brings me eternal life and happiness. May your love abound! Thank you for loving me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.