America’s time of testing has come.

“I will no longer drive out the nations that Joshua left unconquered when he died. I did this to test Israel—to see whether or not they would follow the ways of the Lord as their ancestors did.” That is why the Lord left those nations in place. – Judges 2:21-23

Joshua had grown old and then passed. The people of Israel were now without a central leader to oversee the nation’s welfare and well-being. The various clan leaders sought the Lord out on how to approach the peoples of Canaan, whom they were to take out per God’s command to Moses. God told various tribes to go here and there to wipe out the nations of Canaan; however, the tribes were not 100% in their mission. Because they didn’t displace and destroy the nations as told, the people of Israel made treaties with the conquered peoples and made them their slaves. God’s anger burned against Israel for their disobedience and no longer drove out their enemies in order to continue testing Israel’s allegiance to him.

America became the most powerful, blessed nation on earth during the 20th Century because she had been founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs and had served the God of her ancestors. However, over the last 100 years, America has gone the way of Israel and forsaken the very Creator that birthed her into existence. The last great triumph for America was the end of World War II. Since then America has not had a “decisive” military victory campaign save the Gulf War of 1991. Korea ended in an armistice. Viet Nam ended in a withdrawal and defeat. Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom have not ended but continue to see the embarrassment of engaging in international conflict that has led up to the current international melee with ISIS/ISL.

America had God’s blessing to take charge of the world and be the go-to nation in our hey day, but we chose the path of serving other gods like the less-than-mighty dollar, the ravenous, blood-lusting god of abortion, and even worse the grotesque god of sexual perversion and deviancy…not to mention the god of pride that has begun to abandon  shaking movement and damage to her spiritual center at the National Cathedral in 2011.

Much as God refused to abate Israel’s enemies to test her allegiance to him, God has been, is, and will continue to lift his hand of protection on America. The judgment of America’s proud rebellion and spiritual prostitution has come. We will see more intrusions on American soil by our political and economic enemies. We can and should expect to see wide spread devastation in the coming months and years. Smaller and less powerful military forces, national or more likely disbanded, will wreak havoc on this nation to test America’s allegiance to the God of the universe, Jehovah!

His judgment will also come in the forms of drought, famine, and natural disasters. We’ve not seen the end of his wrath bt only the beginning. Furthermore, DON”T  believe anyone who says that God is no longer in the business of judging nations because we are in the “Age of Grace” as they like to teach. There is a load of false doctrine and belief out there teaching that God doesn’t judge anymore because of grace! WAKE  UP! Daniel 2 clearly states that all power is established AND removed by God! (Yes, I know that is an OT example) However, Paul wrote that all authority is from God and are God’s servants to exact his judgment in the earth! (Ha, a NT example!)

Prepare yourself for the coming wake up and shake up of America. We, as Americans, like to think that because we have the greatest military in the world and two oceans on our left and right that we are invincible. Oh contrary to the truth is that idea. America served as the mighty authority and power of the 20th Century, but like the British Empire, the Ottoman Empire, the Second and Third Reichs, the Napoleonic Empire, the Holy Roman Empire, the Mongolian Empire, the Roman Empire, the Greek Empire, the Medo-Persian Empire, the Babylonian Empire, the Assyrian Empire, the Egyptian Empire, and all other dynasties of the past, America as an empire will one day fall also. It is a matter of when not if, but don’t let that scare you. Trust in the LORD God of the universe and enjoy the love he has for you. He takes care of his children.

Father, your word is sure and true. Through the prophet Daniel you told us that you raise up authorities and bring them much like you did Saddam Hussein of Iraq in 2004 for his atrocities against mankind. ISL will have their day in the sun and in judgment for exacting too much judgment, like Assyria and Babylon did against Israel. I am grateful to live in America and to have known, enjoyed, and continue to enjoy the blessing that is still upon her for the time being, but I know that time is short-lived. You have chosen to no longer abate America’s enemies, but you have chosen to test us like you did ancient Israel to see if America will continue to follow the God of its ancestor or serve the baals. I love you and thank you for your love, grace, and mercy. All glory, honor, power, and praise to the God of heaven, Jehovah! In Jesus’ name, Amen.