God shows up in the midst of answered prayers.

God answered Manoah’s prayer, and the angel of God appeared once again to his wife as she was sitting in the field. – Judges 13:9

Manoah and his wife were a childless couple from the tribe of Dan. One day the Angel of the LORD appeared to his wife and informed her that despite her barren state, she would one day have a son, who would consecrated to God his whole life from birth to death. The first time the Angel of the LORD appeared, she was alone. When she told her husband, he prayed that the Angel of the LORD would return with more instructions on how to raise this special child. The LORD answered Manoah’s prayer with the Angel of the LORD returning to them a second time.

Has the LORD ever showed up when you have prayed, particularly when he’s answered your prayer? Well, that’s what happened to Manoah and his wife. His prayer was answered, and God showed up! The cool thing is that when we pray, God doesn’t really have to show up because he’s already here! Sometimes we get wrapped around the axle over the little things and forget that God makes his home in us, Know ye not that ye are the temple of the Holy Ghost? (KJV) We are part of the temple of God not made with human hands.

Sometimes people wonder if God even hears their prayers. Well, you can be rest assured he does! He always answers our prayers in one of three ways, Yes, No, or Not Right Now. We like the first, don’t like the second, and can’t stand the third because that is when it seems like he is distant and doesn’t hear us. The truth is that God knows what we need before we even ask, so it goes that he knows what’s best for us. Therefore, he may not always give us what we want or demand, especially when we think it should happen. I can promise you this, though, there is always one prayer that God answers. What is it? It is, “LORD not my will but your will be done.” I guarantee that if you pray that one, he will answer it every time!

Thus, put your trust in the LORD as did Manoah and wait for God to answer your prayer. It will come. It may not happen exactly or when you think, but it will come in a no, yes, or not right now. Again, a not my will but your will prayer will catch God’s attention and get answered every time.

Father, thank you for showing me the key to answered prayer. Jesus modeled it correctly even in the face of suffering, pain, and staring death in the face. He prayed that your will be done not his. Three times the anguish of facing the night of ahead of him didn’t deter him from fully relying on you to get him through the horrific ordeal! Teach me to have that kind of faith! I begin by praying, LORD, not my will  but your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. There is only one way, and that is your way. Your love or nothing! In Jesus’ name, Amen.