They were without a king, so they said.

Now in those days Israel had no king. – Judges 19:1

We read of the story of a young Levi priest who had taken a wife from Judah and moved back to Benjamin. She went home to dad, but her man came looking for her. On the way back to their house, they stopped for the night, during which, she was raped continuously by a bunch of sex-crazed men from the town in which they stayed. She died from the repeated abuse.
Not only did Israel not have a political king, but they lived like animals apparently without God and without order. The judges did what they could to rule the people and be God’s mouthpiece, but there was only so much a judge could do for an entire nation that rebelled against God himself. The Israelites did what was right in their eyes rather than obeying the Law of Moses.

The truth of the matter was that they had a king in the King of kings, Jehovah, but they refused to listen and to obey him in order to live as they saw fit. They were not without leadership because God wanted to be their king. That’s why they had no political leader. They would learn later on in the days of Samuel and Saul just what consequence having a human king rule over them would cost them. They never listened. It cost them not only their relationship with God on various levels but also the land in which they lived and was promised to their forefathers.

Don’t live your life for yourself. We are love our neighbors as ourselves and to love God with all our being. To obey him is to love him. The word is clear. Search the scriptures. Jesus said that if we love him, we will keep his commandments. He is our King. There is no other. If we live according to his mandate, then we don’t have to fear the authorities put in political power. God alone is our king.

Father, thank you for being you. You are the King of kings! You won’t share your glory with anyone else. Thus you are the only King. Your lordship makes my life possible. I give all glory, honor, and praise to you and you alone. May your will be done, not mine. In Jesus’ name, Amen.