Don’t stop until the matter is settled!

The man won’t rest until he has settled things today. – Ruth 3:18

Ruth returned to Israel with Naomi her mother-in-law from Moab because the famine in Israel was over and their husbands were dead. Ruth divinely encountered one of her family’s closest relatives, a wealthy man named Boaz. He allowed her to gather grain in his fields and advised her to stay in his fields because other people might harass her for being a Moabite. Eventually, Ruth availed herself to Boaz at the direction of Naomi in hope that he’d take her as his wife. There was another relative closer in line than he who had the right to buy Naomi’s land and to marry Ruth, but Naomi told Ruth that Boaz would not stop until the matter was settled as to whom would redeem the land and marry her.

The problem with too many so-called Christians is that they are so wrapped up in the minutia of everyday life that they can’t and won’t do anything for the kingdom of God worthwhile. They make excuse after excuse to avoid settling a matter in their lives or to do something great, regardless of scale, for the Lord’s kingdom. Not so with Boaz; he was known apparently as a man who got things done and wouldn’t stop until it was settled!

What is it that God has called you to do for him and the glory of his kingdom? Is it a big thing? Or, is it a small thing? With God there is neither big nor small just obedient. He assigns us all tasks and missions to complete, and the difference is whether or not we obey and get the mission accomplished. Because God was determined to give us his Son, Jesus, as the payment for our sins, he didn’t stop even over millenia of time until the matter was settled. Jesus never stopped on the way to the cross because he had an issue that had to be settled, our salvation. Don’t think that whatever God has assigned you is of no consequence, for you will answer to Him one day for everything he asked and commanded you to do.

Whatever the situation is that God has given you to do, don’t stop working on it until the matter is resolved and settled. The scriptures say, For all who have entered into God’s rest have rested from their labors, just as God did after creating the world. (Hebrews 4:10) You can’t enter into God’s rest unless and until the matter is settled. Got it? Get it!

Father, thank you for not quitting on us who you’ve called to be your children. You knew the cost of having rebellious kids living in your house and working for you, but you never gave up. You have worked on this matter from before time began. The matter was settled on the cross when Jesus said, “it’s finished,” and released his Spirit into your hands. You’ve assigned me to address the leaders of this nation and to deliver your message to them. I will not stop until this matter is settled. Who knows but you, but I may be working on this assignment until I pass from this life into eternity with you. Whatever the case may be, so be it. It’s not my will be done, but yours kind Sir. In Jesus’ name, Amen.