What do people say of you?

And Achish told them, “This is David, the servant of King Saul of Israel. He’s been with me for years, and I’ve never found a single fault in him from the day he arrived until today.” – 1 Samuel 29:3

David and crew had been living in enemy territory many months and served the king of the Philistines. One day Achish and his army gathered together to do battle against Israel, and David wanted to prove himself to King Achish and show his gratitude for allowing his band of misfits to live in Ziklag. Achish trusted David because he’d never found anything in David to cause him to believe that David would ever betray him since the day he arrived. However, the other Philistine leaders chided Achish for allowing Hebrews to come along with them into battle because they feared that David and his men would turn on them and kill them instead. Thus, King Achish requested that David and his men retreat to their town of Achish so as to not upset the other Philistine rulers. David reluctantly agreed and returned to his home. Achish even told David that he was as good as an angel of  the LORD in his eyes.

What do your friends say of you to others? Do they tout your successes or failures? Do they stand up for your reputation? Or, do you have such an infamy that no one dare speak your name? David was hated by King Saul, who was supposed to be his king and ally, but was loved by his mortal enemy, Achish, who treated David as one of his own and wanted to make David his lifetime appointed bodyguard! Even his enemies knew of his steadfast character and loyalty and saw the usefulness of having him around because of such. So tonight we merely have to ask ourselves, am I living a life that honors God first and foremost but one that also causes even my enemies to sit up and take notice of me? They do so not because we are anything special in and of ourselves but because we choose to be people of integrity at all times!

Father, I thank you for loving me and showing me the beauty of having a good name and reputation that are to be prized above riches and fame. I have done things that would cause many people to say that I am damaged goods and am unworthy of acquaintance let alone friendship! However, you see past all that and know that I desire to be a virtuous man, who loves and fears his God Jehovah out of reverence and respect. I want the people around me to say that I am the most godly man they know because I walk upright in honesty and dignity and integrity all the while doing so in humility. Help me to remain that way all of my days. Again, Father, not my will but your will be done in me and through me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.