How clear are you hearing God’s voice?

 When David consulted Adonai, he said, “Don’t attack! Circle behind them, and engage them opposite the balsam trees. 24 When you hear the sound of marching in the tops of the balsam trees, advance; because then Adonai has gone out ahead of you to defeat the army of the Philistines.” – 2 Samuel 5:23

The Philistines heard that David had been made king of Israel, so they mustered their troops to wage war against Israel. When David and his forces encountered the enemy, he asked the LORD if he should attack. The LORD responded with a “no” but told David to encircle his enemies and then advance when the signal had been given from God. When the signal would be given, David and his troops would know that God had gone before them to give them the victory. David had been given specific instructions by the Lord, which he executed as told.

Are you hearing as clearly from God as did David? Many of the OT heroes would speak to God, and we are told that the LORD would give them specific commands that included the minutest of details at times. Moses received the plans for the tabernacle and all of its accouterments. David did likewise with the layout and design of the temple that Solomon would build. Many people hear from God, but do they hear as clearly and distinctly as these men of God did? Does he speak to us in these same terms? I hear from God but sometimes it may be just a word, a phrase, or a sentence or two without real specificity. I want to hear from God with such clarity that I know I’ve heard his unique, specific details down to the last comma, colon, and period. He talks to us all the time, but do we attune ourselves to his voice sensitively enough to hear those explicit instructions? Are we in such a personal relationship with our Father that he can speak to us that intimately? We have to be desirous of wanting to know him in such a way that we do hear those exact details.

Father, thank you for opening my eyes to what has been lacking in me. I hear you speak to me with greater frequency than I had been accustomed to in the past. Our relationship grows stronger on a regular basis; however, I want to know you so intimately that when we speak, I hear you give me detailed messages that describe specific people, places, and things. I want to be able to ask you things like David did and then hear you say, “Go to this place at such time on this day to see a person wearing this particular outfit who will be doing this particular action just as you arrive.” Such specificity! Such concise, exact speech. Such clarity! Lord, speak to me with intimacy. Your will be done, not mine, on earth as it is heaven. In Jesus’ name, Amen.