Do whatever God has laid upon your heart.

Nathan replied to the king, “Go ahead and do whatever you have in mind, for the Lord is with you.” – 2 Samuel 7:3

God had given David victory over all of his enemies and thereby given Israel rest on all fronts. From a military perspective, Israel had become the superpower of its day in the Ancient Near East. God loved David and showed him great favor. David even had a palace built for him in which to live, but he got to thinking one day. He thought that he should build a house for God since he was living in such a fine home. The king wanted to reciprocate the love he’d been shown by God back to the Creator. The prophet, Nathan, told David to do what his heart desired because God was with him. We know from a bit later in the story that God prevented David from doing so because of the blood on his hands, but God honored David’s desire by allowing Solomon to build it instead.

What desire has God the Father laid upon your heart? Has he given you some wonderful idea to help the spread of the good news of Jesus? to help the helpless? to share love with the unloved? to show kindness to the unwanted? What is it that God has put in your heart to do? If God has given you a mission to do, then do it. Do whatever it is that God has given you, for he is with you.

If the timing isn’t right, then I admonish to wait upon the Lord to tell you when to move. Moving on a subject without his blessing and timing will only result in unintended consequences, just ask Abraham and Sarah. They could teach us all a lesson about trying to force the hand of God in a matter. However, if you have met the 7 prerequisite conditions to making a God-honoring decision, then the 8th one is, “Go for it!” When you’re at the point of #*8, then the LORD himself will move heaven and earth to help you get where you need to be to do the work he’s given you. Read more here on the result of making God-honoring decisions.

Father, you’ve proven to me time and again in this year alone that you will move heaven and earth for your children that take up the banner, hoist it high, take the initiative, and step out in bold faith to do the impossible through God the Holy Spirit’s leading! You laid a dream and desire upon my heart a while ago that I thought that I’d never see completed. Well, you surprised me and made things start to happen at a quick pace and moved me from Ohio to the greater DC metro region to do the work for which I was born. I cannot do that work without you! It is just impossible. Getting me into the doorway of the executive mansion would be impossible for an ordinary person like me, but I know that you’re working to make that possibility a reality! You’ve put it on my heart to deliver a message to the upper echelons of my people’s leaders, and I will do what you’ve given me to do. It is mission critical! I will honor you and obey you in this matter. I pray that your will be done, not mine. I need your strength, wisdom, and power to do what lies ahead in the coming months. In Jesus’ name, Amen.