Turning curses into blessings!

And perhaps the Lord will see that I am being wronged[c] and will bless me because of these curses today. – 2 Samuel 16:12

David was on the run because Absalom his son had planned a coup-de-tat against him and succeeded. Absalom didn’t kill his father, but he wanted to kill him. The king received word of the revolt and left the royal city for the wilderness on the other side of the Jordan River. As the king and his entourage made their way toward Jordan, a member of Saul’s family came out of the hills throwing rocks at David and cursing him along the way. Many rebuked the man and wanted to kill him, but David rebuked them and said to leave him alone. The king stated that maybe the curses will be heard by God and shown to be false that would lead God to bless David instead.

Is there someone in your life cursing you or telling you how wrong you are? Are people trying to make your life miserable as you try to right and good? David’s case is one that we see and read in this passage, but a predecessor and distant relative of his encountered a similar yet worse case than this one. Joseph was sold into slavery by his own brothers, who wanted to kill him. They were jealous of him because he was their father’s favorite son and received all the blessings of the family even though he wasn’t the first-born. His being sold into slavery eventually landed him in prison for a crime he was only accused of doing of which he was innocent. He spent many years in the nasty confines of a royal dungeon in Egypt at the hands of his overlord. Eventually though Joseph rose in power to the position of prime minister of Egypt second in command only to the pharaoh. When famine forced his brothers to travel from Israel to Egypt to buy grain, he made them suffer a bit for their treachery but ultimately revealed himself to them and explained to them that what they had intended originally for evil God turned around for his good, their good, and the future good of an entire nation and world! Thus, when someone in life makes your life difficult, remember that God can and will turn in around for a blessing in your life. The key is to remain faithful and obedient to God through it all! Your faithful obedience through the cursing is what causes God to turn it into blessing.

Father, thank you for turning evil intentions into blessings in my life. I’ve had moments where it seemed people were going to wreck my life only to have you step in and make things that seemed impossible become possible for my benefit. Without you, I am truly nothing. I, like David, probably deserved to be cursed and hated, but you loved me more than I loved myself and decided to see me through to the end. Your grace spared me from more than one bad event in my short span on the earth. There is no limit to the gratitude that I have for you, Father. I humble myself before you and ask that your will be done, not mine. In Jesus’ name, Amen.