The Spirit speaks through me.

The Spirit of the Lord speaks through me; his words are upon my tongue.

David neared the end of his life, and the opening of what we know as the 24th chapter of 2 Samuel are his recorded words spoken as his last. Upon his dying confession he states that the Spirit of God spoke through him with the Lord’s words being upon his tongue. He delivered one last message from God to the people of Israel.

The Lord called me to where I am. His order is for me to deliver a message to the people of the USA, starting with the leaders of our nation. The words are not mine but those of the I AM WHO I AM! His Spirit will and does speak through me, as he did through David. His words, too, are upon my tongue. The LORD is in the process of making available the day and time I am to deliver this message to the nation. I don’t boast of this day because it is an overwhelming and important event to our people. We’ve committed the same mistakes and followed the same paths of ancient Israel and Judah, who were called as a nation created unto God by God for God. Our fate will be a similar one to that of these ancient kingdoms. Beware! Be prepared! As destruction in the form of God’s judgment came upon Israel over the centuries, so, too, will America experience her day of judgment for abandoning her God to prostitute herself before the gods of money, greed, power, and fame!

Father, thank you for choosing me as one of your own. Thank you for giving me a hope, a future, and a life eternal with you. I had nothing to do with your selection of me as an adopted son but to realize my need for you and to give you control of my life, my will, and my destiny. Because you’ve chosen me to be a mouthpiece to the USA in these last days, I’ll rise up in obedience to you and deliver the message you’ve given me to eat. I know from your word that my people are a stiff-necked, stubborn people who won’t heed your warning. I’ll be obedient to you and not fall into their destruction. Your will be done, not mine. In Jesus’ name, Amen.