God’s word will always come to pass!

So Solomon deposed Abiathar from his position as priest of the Lord, thereby fulfilling the prophecy the Lord had given at Shiloh concerning the descendants of Eli. – 1 Kings 2:27

Adonijah, second son of David, had made himself king of Israel when David was on his death-bed. The word soon spread to the king, who then had Solomon anointed king over Israel just as God had promised David. When Solomon learned of those who had once aligned themselves with his father but had conspired with his brother to take over the kingdom, he deposed these leaders and sent them into exile. Of those deposed was Abiathar the priest, who happened to be of the line of Eli the high priest, who God said that all of his descendants would be removed from service to God. When Solomon deposed Abiathar, the prophecy over Eli’s family was fulfilled.

I’ve been in a holding pattern for a very long time regarding things that God told me would happen in my lifetime. That word was not only confirmed but demonstrated in power by the Holy Spirit, who showed me that the promise of God would come to fruition. The LORD also promised me displays of his great favor, not just favor but great favor, for willing to be one who took up his cause and is not afraid or ashamed to proclaim the truth of the gospel and to take his message into the most arduous of places like our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C.

Therefore, I pose to you what God poses to all his children who will heed his voice and champion his cause in humble obedience. Heed the voice of God. Listen to the instructions of the Holy Spirit. Follow the example of our Lord Jesus Christ. Don’t be afraid to do what seems like the impossible, for God  has said that seems impossible to us is possible with him. What has the Father and our Lord spoken to you to do? Are you willing to make a public stand in these perilous times and the coming days of tribulation that has never been nor will ever be again? What the LORD spoke of you and to you will come to pass if we only do what he tells us to do! That is the key! Obedience, simple and humble obedience! With it comes great blessing and favor that we don’t deserve. Will you trust God to bring about those things he promised to you? Or, will you distrust him and continue life as you choose? It’s up to you!

Father, I come to you in the name of my Lord and Savior, Jesus the Anointed One. First I give you thanks for everything I have and don’t have and yet to receive that I might bless your name by giving of the increase to others. I also give thanks that I am alive and breathing. If I were dead, I’d be with you but to the detriment of those with whom you are sending me to share your word and to be a blessing. You spoke many things over me from the time of my conception up until the past few months. I await the fulfillment of all these promises, as I know that your word is true and always completes its mission and never returns empty-handed to you. I yield all of me to you in order that your will be done, not mine. In Jesus’ name, Amen.