The sign of God’s judgment coming on the USA.

That same day the man of God gave a sign to prove his message. He said, “The Lord has promised to give this sign: This altar will split apart, and its ashes will be poured out on the ground.”. – 1 Kings 13:3

God split the kingdom of David in two. He allowed Rehoboam to continue ruling over the southern kingdom of Judah and gave the northern kingdom of Israel to Jeroboam. However, Jeroboam decided to establish his kingdom by creating two golden calves as the idols representing the “god” who saved Israel from Egypt. He caused Israel to sin against God in this way. The Lord sent a prophet to warn him that his dynasty would be destroyed along with his whole family and that the altar he built would split open and dump out its ashes on the ground as proof of God’s power. All of this happened just as the Lord promised.

America, it’s high time we heeded the word of the LORD! He has sent more than one prophet to this nation to stir her up and awaken her from the slumber of her sins, which lead to death! As one of those prophets, I share with our people and our land the word of the LORD with a message of both judgment and mercy. For God offers any nation, of which he is about to punish, the opportunity to turn from her sins as a people and return to Him. If we continue to rebel against the Creator of the universe, the Holy One of Israel, and the Father of this nation, we will see his judgment come upon this land in full force at the hands of a people far away. We will see the effects of nature run amok bringing death and destruction to us through hurricanes, tornadoes, famine, and earthquakes.

Of particular concern will be earthquakes. Just as the prophet of the LORD spoke to Jeroboam that the altar which he built would split open and pour its ashes out on the ground, we too, can expect to see the American landscape split into two halves by the massive earthquake arising from the New Madrid fault. When this sleeping monster awakes and rips open the American Midwest and South like a pregnant woman ripped open by ancient soldiers, the once mighty Mississippi River will change its course and flow North into the Great Lakes, which will then become ruined by the saltwater of the Gulf of Mexico! America’s heartland along with its once vast resource of freshwater will be stripped bare. There will no longer be enough freshwater to irrigate crops or provide drinking water for this continent. The nations of Canada and Mexico will feel the effects of America’s sin through this massive disaster.

We may not be able to fully stop the hand of God from judging our nation because of our stubbornness and refusal to repent of our national sins. However, we may be able to stay that judgment and see God’s mercy on us for a while longer if and only if we turn as a people together in repentance to the God of our fathers and show love and respect to him once more! Only then will he hear our prayers and forgive our sins and heal our land. The choice is up to you, America!

Father, thank you for the leadership of this country. All power comes from you and there is no authority that exists without you having granted it and appointing the ones in those positions of authority. I lift up my president, Mr. Obama, to you in prayer and ask that you would guide him and speak him in dreams as you did the pharaohs of ancient Egypt and as you did to King Nebuchadnezzar of ancient Babylon. Show him the path that this country will follow if he and the other leaders of our nation will not and do not lead this country in back to you in repentance on our knees in prayer to you with forgiveness in our hearts. Have mercy upon my people and stay your hand of judgment just a while longer for the sake of your people, the remnant that truly loves you and follows your commands. Nevertheless, not our will but your will be done. In Jesus’ name, Amen.