Jehovah will supply all your needs!

One day a man from Baal-shalishah brought the man of God a sack of fresh grain and twenty loaves of barley bread made from the first grain of his harvest. Elisha said, “Give it to the people so they can eat.” 43 “What?” his servant exclaimed. “Feed a hundred people with only this?” But Elisha repeated, “Give it to the people so they can eat, for this is what theLord says: Everyone will eat, and there will even be some left over!” 44 And when they gave it to the people, there was plenty for all and some left over, just as the Lord had promised. – 2 Kings 4:42-44

At the end of this chapter, we read of various miracles performed by the prophet Elisha. Here we read of a man who brought some grain and bread to the prophet, but the prophet told his servant to give the food to the people. He wanted them to have something to eat, but the servant scoffed at the idea (there were only 20 loaves of bread!). Elisha told him that there would be food left over after all had their fill, just as the LORD promised. And true to the LORD’s word, that is exactly what happened. Everyone ate their fill from the 20 loaves of bread.

God will supply your every need and even at times leave a bounty. A miracle took place the day Elisha told his servant to feed 100 people with only 20 loaves of bread. Quick math tells us that each loaf could have been divided into 5 pieces each and used to feed 100 people, but the LORD promised that the 100 would eat their fill and have food to spare. He loves us just as he loved them and provided for their need. He, too, will provide for our need. The apostle Paul taught us that God will supply our need according to glorious riches in Jesus.

Jesus taught us that if we seek God’s kingdom and righteousness as priority one, God will provide us with food, clothing, and basic necessities. We aren’t to worry about tomorrow because it will take care of itself. Jesus taught us that we are to live for today and enjoy life because of his abundant life! Jesus expanded the story of Elisha twice and fed over 4,000 people on two occasions with just a few loaves of bread and a handful of fish! The thousands ate their fill in each incident and had food to spare, too! If that isn’t God taking care of his people and providing for their need, then what is?

Yes, we are to trust God for daily need, for Jesus demonstrated that to us in the example prayer, “Give us this day, our daily bread.” However, God wants to do so much more for us than just give us food and water and clothes because these things perish along with our mortal bodies. God wants to provide for our spiritual needs even more so! It is our spirit and soul that make up who we really are. They will live forever, as will our bodies once we are transformed in the twinkling of an eye. Life is more than food, drink, and clothing according to Jesus. Life is about loving God with all of our being and loving our neighbors as we love ourselves. Look to God for all your needs, not just blessings. Your very life is a blessing in and of itself. Trust God for everything. He loves us enough to have given us Jesus to pay our sin debt, so what is it to him to provide for our physical needs?

Father, blessed are you in heaven. Hallowed is your name. Your kingdom is to come, and your will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day, our daily bread. Forgive our sins, as we forgive others. Don’t lead us into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Yours is the kingdom, the power, the glory, forever. In Jesus’ name, Amen.