There is still time, America!

 But the Lord was gracious and merciful to the people of Israel, and they were not totally destroyed. He pitied them because of his covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. And to this day he still has not completely destroyed them or banished them from his presence. – 2 Kings 13:23

Elisha had died. Moabite raiders plundered the nation of Israel for years. The Arameans had tortured Israel for the entire reign of Jehoahaz, but God saw the plight of his people and rescued them, as he had many times before this one. The Israelites did not turn from their wickedness despite God saving them once more. The reason he spared them this time was because of the covenant he’d made the patriarchs, Abe, Isaac, and Jake.

America, God made a covenant with our nation’s forefathers to bless this land and to be used of God to bless the world. We did that for over 200 years, but we’ve mocked the God who established this once great nation. We thumb our noses at him all the time with our national and personal treacheries. People think that the sins of porn, murder, homosexuality, greed, pride, anger, malice, adultery, casual sex, abortion murders, and all the other heinous things our people do will be overlooked because to them God is not real. They think of themselves as their own gods. How sad it is for a nation to have once known and tasted the goodness of God only to spit in his face and turn against him and to abandon his chosen people of Israel. There is hope for America yet, but the time grows short. The window of opportunity closes quickly. The LORD will not suffer much longer to deal with our sins. Every day that he lingers is another day of grace that we have to seek him and his righteousness and have all that we need in life. If we refuse his grace, there is no hope. Period! Seek the LORD while he is able to be found. Draw near to him, and he will draw near to you. Today is the day of salvation. Choose this day who you will serve. If Jehovah is God, then serve him. If Baal is god, then serve him and go to hell. The choice is yours!

Father, I do what you ask me to do. I deliver the message of warning to the people. I am not afraid of their words, looks, or actions. I will stand for the justice you give and the mercy you extend. I don’t want to see my people suffer at their own hand. They are sheep without a shepherd and are lost, for there’s none righteous, no not one. They have all sinned and not measured up to your standard. It is impossible to do so; that is why you gave us Jesus as the sacrifice for our wrongs. I will continue to stand up and declare the warning message of getting right with you. What they do with your message is on them. If they turn, they will be saved. If they don’t, then I have done my job. Your will be done, not mine. In Jesus’ name, Amen.