Blessings bestowed upon whom God chooses.

The descendants of Judah became the most powerful tribe and provided a ruler for the nation, but the birthright belonged to Joseph. – 1 Chronicles 5:2

Reuben was the firstborn of Israel, but he had sex with one of his father’s wives and disgraced his father, his family, and himself. Jacob took the birthright away from him and bestowed it upon Joseph, his favorite. Judah was the second-born and should have rightfully received the blessing, but his lineage was honored with establishing the royal line of Israel and providing the Messiah and the Son of David, Jesus, who would sit on the throne of Israel forever, fulfilling the promise God the Father made to David.

The birthright was the blessing and privilege of the firstborn in ancient times. The firstborn received a larger share of the inheritance, as a result of the birthright. However, the father was able to bestow this privileged honor on any child he wanted. We saw this in the lives of Jacob and Esau. The elder brother was born with the birthright but sold it to Jacob for a bowl of stew because of his hunger. He took the most prized thing he had and despised it for personal gain. God even solidified this position when he said, “Jacob I have loved, but Esau I have hated.” Esau could and should have been the one through whom the nation of Israel would be created, but he despised his position and blessing. It had been foretold, though, that the elder brother would serve the younger. Jacob received the blessing and sired a nation.

Jesus in the firstborn of the resurrected. He is the first among his brethren in order that he have the privileged birthright from God the Father. On the other hand, our eldest brother decided it worthy to share his birthright with all who believe in him. How is that possible? The bible tells us that “to as many as received him, to them he gave the power to become the children of God.” Without Jesus sharing God’s grace and mercy through his sacrifice, we are doomed. Let us give thanks for his love!

Father, thank you for giving us the gift of salvation by grace through faith. Without Jesus, I am nothing. I am lost and dead in sin without him, but he redeemed me and reconciled me with you. For that I am ever grateful. Thank you for blessing me as your child. Your word states that you will have mercy upon whom you will have mercy. I know that I am one of those chosen to receive your mercy, as are as many as will receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior. May your will always be done in my life and not mine. In Jesus’ name, Amen.